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                                  • Rather annoying bug with calling a generic method. See the code sample below:

                                    Public Class TestGeneric Public Sub GenMethod(Of T)() ' End Sub Public Sub Caller() End Sub End Class

                                    In caller start typing "GenMethod(". As soon as you enter the "(", coderush expands it to:


                                    Note the extra "(", which you then have to remove manually. If you allow intellisense to complete it for you then there's not a problem. See also the short screencast here:

                                    If i run visual studio in safe mode (no coderush) then there's not a problem. Also works fine in C#

                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 07.06.2017


                                  Thank you for the report. I can reproduce this issue on my machine locally.
                                  It is related to the IntelliRush feature:

                                  If it is disabled, then completion is inserted correctly.
                                  Please give us some time to correct this issue.

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