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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T531031: Formatting - Array initializers are formatted incorrectly]
                                    Hi Alex,

                                    Just spotted something else with the formatting, but not sure if you want to split this off into a different ticket or not.

                                    I have the following bit of code:

                                    Every time I press the code clean up button the bottom 3 lines of the above code gets indented by ONE SPACE

                                    After one press:

                                    [C#]After pressing 15 times:

                                    I have found that this issue stops and doesn't happen if I UNTICK the "Parameters" formatting wrapping option. So only when this is ticked it does the above.

                                    My settings for Parameters are currently;

                                    Tolerance : 0  and No wrap at all

                                    Further testing shows if I set Wrap Open Paren to NO Wrap or "Wrap if long/multiline) then the problem happens, if set to wrap then it doesn't happen.

                                    (Please move this to a new ticket if you wish).

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