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                                  • Dear all,

                                    when trying to use the find references shortcut key (shift + f12) in xaml editor on a line, f.x.:

                                    <RowDefinition Height="Auto" Name="IsPrivateRow" />

                                    The references window is not invoked / shown (it actually seems that even nothing is happened)..

                                    When searching from the c# source file, the references window is shown and also displays the reference in the xaml file.

                                    The shortcut is the default setup:
                                    [x] Enabled
                                    Command: FindAllReferences
                                    Context: [CodeEditorHasFocus]
                                    [x] Sync this shortcut...
                                    (Where Visual Studio itself also still got the default Edit.FindAllReferences

                                    Is the xaml editor perhaps not the code editor?

                                    Thank you in advance!

                                    best regards,

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 06.19.2017

                                  Hi Dominik,

                                  Thank you for pointing out this issue.
                                  I have reproduced this, the "Find All References" action cannot be executed from the XAML file.
                                  We will fix this in future releases and notify you as soon as we make any progress.

                                  As a temporary workaround, I suggest you use the "References" navigation provider from the "Jump to..." menu.
                                  I have attached a screencast that illustrates how to do this.

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