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                                  • When I declare local the new variable name is selected / highlighted but my natural response is to hit Enter, to accept the name and move the caret to the next line. However what happens is that the variable name is replaced by a new line and the assignment moves to the following line. I then need to Ctrl+Z, End, Return (or navigate to the next line). This is not a great flow and I'm sure not how the feature should work...

                                    Ideally I want to type

                                    new MyRepository(dbContext);

                                     then invoke CRR, declare local (already at the top of the list), hit return to get

                                    var [myRepository] = new MyRepository(dbContext);

                                    Where the value in square brackets is the suggested variable name.
                                    Then hit Return to continue

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 06.19.2017

                                  Hi Simon,

                                  Thank you for providing the code sample and the screencast.
                                  We agree with you that CodeRush for Roslyn should add a textfield for the local variable name and handle pressing "Enter" for accepting it (as CodeRush Classic does).
                                  We will implement this behavior in future CodeRush for Roslyn releases and notify you as soon as we have any results.

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