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                                  • Hello,
                                    I'm using the PivotGrid widget together with an XMLA Store (SSAS) and i'm having some performance issues when I place a hierarchy-type field in the filter area of the grid -

                                    A. It seems that when opening the filter (by pressing the funnel icon), the widget fetches the entire data from all the hierarchy levels, even though it is displaying (as wanted) only the root level. Given a large hierarchy tree with many nodes in the lower levels, this result in a very long fetching time, which makes it hard to use the widget.
                                    On the contrary, when I put the same hierarchy in the row/column areas - only the required data to show is fetched on each operation, which is desired and works well.
                                    My question is whether there's a workaround to make it behave in the filters like it behaves in the row/column? is this a known problem? are there plans to change this?

                                    B. What makes the situation even worse, is that it seems that the filter results are not cached - meaning that the same long fetching will happen on every single reopening of the filter panel. Is there a workaround to force the filter to cache the results?

                                    C. Another question, not related to the above - is there a way to free-text search item/s in the filters panel? couldn't find such thing.

                                    Appreciate your response
                                    Thank you

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                                Hi Barry,

                                Here are my comments:

                                A. Yes, we are aware of this limitation and planning to improve this behavior in future versions.

                                As for the other parts of your inquiry, I've created new tickets regarding them. Please post your comments in the following tickets:
                                B. PivotGrid - How to cache loaded data in the header filter
                                C. PivotGrid - How to enable the search panel for the header filter

                                • Barry Shaked 05.08.2017

                                  Thank you Nikolai for the quick response!