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                                  • Performance Comparison Across Versions
                                    We used Microsoft's Contoso Database to measure PivotGrid performance and compare numbers for different versions. The test query returns 3.4M records. We requested values from ProductName, ProductSubcategoryName, ProductCategoryName, DateKey dimensions, SalesAmount, and SalesQuantity measures. In the pivot grid, we display both measures and group data by ProductName, ProductSubcategoryName, ProductCategoryName dimension values and Year, Quarter, and Month values calculated by the DateKey dimension.

                                    Changes in v19.1
                                    The LegacyOptimized data processing engine supports all pivot grid features including the Running Totals feature.

                                    Changes in v18.2
                                    Starting with this version, the new LegacyOptimized data processing engine supports all pivot grid features except the Running Totals one. The LegacyOptimized engine is enabled out-of-the-box. However, you can switch back to the old engine by setting the DataProcessingEngine property to the Legacy value.
                                    We expect that in most cases your projects should run correctly without any modification. If you face any problem, please refer to the T683512: What is the difference between the Legacy and Optimized data processing engines article to determine the cause of this issue.

                                    Changes in v18.1
                                    We continue to improve the Pivot Grid's in-memory data processing. The following features are now processed by the pivot grid in Optimized Mode:

                                    - Drill-Down
                                    - Unbound Expressions

                                    Changes in v17.2
                                    Starting with v17.2, Pivot Grid's LegacyOptimized data processing mode can leverage performance benefits offered by multi-core processors. The control splits bound records into separate bulks and processes them in parallel threads. This means you can expect performance improvements proportional to the number of CPU cores.
                                    A few limitations to the LegacyOptimized mode still remain in v17.2 including unbound expressions, top N records and running totals. We plan to address these issues in v18.1.

                                    Changes in v17.1
                                    Our R&D team begins a data processing engine overhaul, which is estimated to boost performance up to 30 times compared to v16.2.

                                    While working on new data engine support, we managed to enable faster data processing for certain operation types in the upcoming v17.1 release. These enhancements are estimated to boost performance up to 3-7 times compared to v16.2. We would appreciate if you install the current v17.1 Beta version, upgrade your applications using the Project Converter and let us know how the new mode works. The new data processing mode is automatically enabled in WinForms, ASP.NET and WPF PivotGrid Controls.

                                    Please remember that the following data processing tasks have not yet been optimized in v17.1:

                                    - Calculation customization: Unbound Expressions, Custom Summary, Custom Group Intervals, Custom Unbound Data, Custom Sort
                                    - Binding to custom objects
                                    - Top N option, Running Total, Summary Filter, DrillDown operations

                                    When we officially launch v17.1 we plan to make the new mode optional. To turn it on, you would need to set the OptionsData.DataProcessingEngine option to LegacyOptimized.

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                                • Jeff Pearce 4 04.18.2017

                                  Excellent news. Are there any changes to memory usage with the PivotGrid?

                                • Maxim (DevExpress Support) 04.19.2017

                                  Hi Jeff,
                                  We were focused on performance improvements this time. At present PivotGrid has the same memory consumption in general scenarios.
                                  Do you have any memory issues with it? If so, would you please describe your scenario?

                                • Quan Hieu 1 04.19.2017

                                  Great team, could we get the beta version for testing now or we need to wait until the official launch?

                                • John (DevExpress Support) 04.19.2017

                                  Hello Quan,
                                  We have released the official Beta Version v17.1. It is available to active Universal and DXperience subscribers in our Download Manager:

                                • John (DevExpress Support) 04.20.2017

                                  Quan, we appreciate your interest in our PivotGridControl. Although the official Beta Version was not available to you previously, I have included you into the testing program. So, it is available to you now in our Download Manager.
                                  Let us know whether you see any performance improvements in your real life scenarios and application with this version. If yes, please describe them. If not, describe your scenario and clarify if there are tasks that have not yet been optimized (Calculation customization, Binding to custom objects, Top N option, etc.)

                                • Quan Hieu 1 04.20.2017

                                  Ok, I got it, let me check this. So when will you release the official launch for Version v17.1?

                                • John (DevExpress Support) 04.20.2017

                                  We are planning to release v17.1 this May. The exact release date is under consideration.

                                • 4T Sistemas 05.16.2017


                                  In respect to performace, I see Pivot Grid in two very distinct scenarios: WITH LinqServerModeDataSource, and WITHOUT LinqServerModeDataSource.

                                  Regarding my experience with previous versions, the case with LinqServerModeDataSource is incomparably faster than normal datasource. On the other hand, some functionality is lost, such as custom summaries and unbound calculated fields. How does this new performance improvement impact on these two use cases of PivotGrid I mentioned? 

                                • Maxim (DevExpress Support) 05.16.2017

                                  Hi Renato,
                                  We improved PivotGridControl's performance for the client data processing mode (the case without LinqServerModeDataSource). Some scenarios in client data processing mode are not optimized, but they will still work properly. The server data processing mode will have the same performance as in the previous version.

                                • John (DevExpress Support) 03.28.2018

                                  Hi Pascal,
                                  We have not optimized this scenario yet. The LegacyOptimized mode described in this topic does not support binding  to custom objects.

                                • Andrii Kasparevych 09.18.2018

                                  Hi Team,

                                  The 18.1 is there for some time already. Could you please give an update on the progress that is made in terms of LegacyOptimized mode?
                                  Have the restrictions been addressed?

                                • Sergi (DevExpress Support) 09.19.2018

                                  Hello Andrii,

                                  We continue to improve the Pivot Grid's in-memory data processing. Starting with version 18.1, the following features are now processed by the pivot grid in Optimized Mode:

                                  - Drill-Down
                                  - Unbound Expressions

                                  We also have plans for further improvements in v18.2. Refer to the WinForms Subscription - v18.2 and What You Can Expect in mid-November blog post for more details.

                                • Paul Kubb 10.23.2018

                                  I just have a chance to use it today, along with servermode, this is SUPERB!
                                  my example table contains 1 million records, with server mode and put the identity column to row area (no grouping - worst case of pivotgrid) it consumes 1.2-1.5 gb ram and approx 10 seconds to load
                                  but when trigger this option, it took 1-3 seconds to load with 700-800 mb ram.

                                  thanks for a really great work under the hood!

                                • Constant (DevExpress Support) 10.23.2018

                                  Thank you for your kind words. I have passed your feedback to our developers. I assure you that the next control version will bring new benefits. Please follow news on our site to be notified what features will be supported in the next version - 18.2.

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