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                                  • The error occurrs here

                                    internal void Schritt2() { foreach (Rechnung rechnung in _nutzung.Rechnungen) { if (rechnung.RechnungsZustand == RechnungsZustand.InBearbeitung && rechnung.Abrechnungsart != Abrechnungsart.ManuelleAbrechnung) { rechnung.RechnungsZustand = RechnungsZustand.Ignoriert; } } }

                                    Note: `Rechnungszustand` and `Abrechnungsart` are enums.

                                    Stack trace:

                                    System.NullReferenceException : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
                                       at async DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.Refactorings.RefactoringAction.IsAvailable(<Unknown Parameters>)
                                       at async DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.Refactorings.RefactoringProvider.RefactoringIsAvailable(<Unknown Parameters>)
                                       at async DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.Refactorings.RefactoringProvider.GetAvailableRefactorings(<Unknown Parameters>)
                                       at async DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.Refactorings.RefactoringProvider.ComputeRefactoringsAsync(<Unknown Parameters>)
                                       at async Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CodeRefactorings.CodeRefactoringService.GetRefactoringFromProviderAsync(<Unknown Parameters>)

                                • Eugene R (DevExpress) 04.04.2017

                                  Hi Olivier,
                                  Thank you for contacting us and providing with detailed information.
                                  I've reproduced the problem and addressed it to our developers.

                                  Please give us some time; we'll let you know when we prepare the fix.

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