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                                  • Is there a replacement (or are there plans) for the CodeRush plugin for XPO_EasyFields for CodeRush for Roslyn?
                                    I use this *a lot* and it saves me hours of work!

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                                • Andrew A (DevExpress) 03.07.2017

                                  Currently we have not planed to port community plug-ins into CodeRush for Roslyn. However, we will take this plug-in into account when discussing future updates of CodeRush for Roslyn.

                                • Martin Hart 03.11.2017

                                  This is a bit of a showstopper for me, especially as I plan to use VS 2017 in the near future.
                                  I have looked into alternative solutions, but have not found anythig to do this job for me.
                                  Can you guys suggest any workarounds (not manual coding please!!)?

                                • Andrew A (DevExpress) 03.13.2017

                                  Hi Martin,

                                  The XPO_EasyFields is a community CodeRush plug-in, and not a built-in functionality.  That is why, we did not have plans to implement it as a built-in CodeRush for Roslyn feature.

                                  However, since the demand for this plug-in seems to be high, we will examine the possibility of porting it as a community plug-in for CodeRush for Roslyn. At first glance, it should be possible to do this, but it is hard to provide more specific information at this point. We will let you know once we have any progress.

                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 03.29.2017

                                  Same here - would also need this, it is part of our daily work!

                                • Roman Kalachik (DevExpress) 03.29.2017

                                  Hi Martin,
                                  I have updated our records. Thank you for sharing this with us.

                                • Steve (PSI) 04.22.2017

                                  Same here - integral to our development and cannot move to Roslyn until we find a replacement.

                                • Dennis Gascoigne 04.23.2017

                                  Same here

                                • Alex X (DevExpress) 04.24.2017


                                  Thank everyone for pointing out the importance of the XPO_EasyFields plugin to us.
                                  Since the demand for this plug-in is growing, we have risen the priority of this task in our backlog. At the moment, we are communicating with the author of this community plug-ins to better understand what functionality it should provide and find the best way to port it to the Roslyn platform. We will keep you informed once we have more information.

                                • Dennis Gascoigne 05.10.2017

                                  Hi Alex - any progress?

                                • Martin Hart 05.10.2017

                                  Yeah, I really need this also.

                                • Alex X (DevExpress) 05.12.2017


                                  Thanks everyone for voting for this feature.
                                  We are doing our best to bring this feature to the Roslyn platform. We have faced some obstacles related to the 3rd party origin of the XPO_EasyFields plugin so I can't provide your with the exact time frame as to when this feature will be ported.
                                  Please give us some time to overcome these obstacles. Your patience is greatly appreciated. We will update this ticket as soon as we have any result.

                                • Bryce Sasko 1 05.19.2017

                                  Same here as well.  This is critical functionality to our dev process.  

                                • Sean McDonald 1 05.19.2017

                                  We would really use this too.

                                • Sean McDonald 1 05.19.2017

                                  We could really use this too.

                                • Ian Summach 05.19.2017

                                  +1 on this as well. 

                                • Chris Imrie 05.19.2017

                                  This is a must have for me.

                                • Igor K. (DevExpress) 05.22.2017

                                  Hi everyone,

                                  Thank you for your votes. We've already planned the implementation of the plugin and it will appear in our development queue shortly, so please, give us some time.
                                  This ticket will be updated as soon as we have any result.


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                                Hi Guys!
                                I have brilliant news for you. This functionality will be available starting with version 17.1.5. Right now, you can download a daily build containing this functionality from the link below:


                                You can find options for this Code Action on the "Editor/All Languages/Code Actions/Update XPO Fields Class" options page. This action is available on the Ctrl+` shortcut as well as a community plug-in for CodeRush Classic.

                                You are feel free to contact us if you have any difficulties with this Code Action.

                                I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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                                • Martin Hart 06.02.2017

                                  This has just saved me *many* hours of work, thanks!!!

                                  Just one comment, when generating the information, it would be nice to respect the Region where the existing code is (if any previous code exists).

                                  Great, great job guys!

                                • Martin Hart 06.02.2017

                                  When compiling I get the following warning:
                                  warning CS0169: The field 'Config._Fields' is never used

                                  Maybe you can add an option in the configuration to prevent this warning like:

                                  #pragma warning disable xxxx  
                                  ... _Fields code here  
                                  #pragma warning restore xxxx  
                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 06.02.2017

                                  amazing - thank you Guys!!

                                • Steve (PSI) 06.02.2017

                                  Huge thanks on this one guys!

                                • Alex Miller 06.03.2017

                                  Hi Guys,

                                  I've just installed the daily build and tried it in VS2017. I had no idea the original plugin existed and never used it, so please excuse my newbie questions...

                                  -What are the benefits of using the XpoFields class instead of using nameof() ?

                                  -If type safety is the main objective, why doesn't the auto-generated code use nameof() ?



                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 06.04.2017

                                  @Alex - you can use it everywhere where you need propertynames - also you can use it for Building criteria Operators:

                                  .OfType<PropertyEditor>().First(i => i.PropertyName == ChatProtocol.Fields.Message.PropertyName);

                                  go.Operands.Add(SalesLineItem.Fields.Document.DocumentDate >= currentArticleRegister.DateFrom);

                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 06.04.2017

                                  Andrew, the plugin works fine so far, 2 small Things:

                                  1. can you please implement an Option for "Perform Update on Save?" like the old plugin had?

                                  2. currently an using statement is added - but not the place where existing usings are - and, currently i see that my header comments are duplicated - but i cannot stable reproduce it - in some files it happen, in some not - see attached video

                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 06.04.2017
                                  3. if the using already exists - the problem does not exists - but an empty line is inserted?
                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 06.05.2017

                                  Hi Guys,

                                  Thanks everyone for testing this daily build and your feedback. To process issues you've found more efficiently, I have created separated tickets on your behalf:
                                  Refactoring - 'Update XPO Fields Class' should keep existing region directives
                                  Refactoring - 'Update XPO Fields Class' generates duplicated header comments
                                  Refactoring - 'Update XPO Fields Class' inserts a redundant break line after duplicated header comments

                                  They have been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                  As for adding options to perform an update on saving data and prevent warnings about never used fields, we will implement them in our future updates. We will notify you on our progress in the context of this ticket.

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 06.26.2017

                                  Hi Guys,
                                  We are happy to inform you that in the 17.1.5 version we have added the "Auto apply on save document" option and fixed the issue with generating a redundant field. The latest version is already available on the Market Place.

                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 06.26.2017

                                  Hi Alex,

                                  perfect - but i do not see this option - visual studio just has auto updated coderush to 17.1.5?

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 06.26.2017

                                  Please accept my apologies for inaccuracy in my previous comment. These changes were not included in the published release. I have prepared a special build that contains this option: DevExpress.CodeRush.Roslyn-

                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 06.26.2017

                                  Very nice - thank you Alex! Works perfect, except that visual Studio brings an message that the file was edited outside visual Studio - is that expected?

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 06.27.2017

                                  Hi Martin,

                                  To process your last comment more efficiently, I've created a separate ticket on your behalf: Update XPO Fields Class - A Visual Studio message about editing a file is shown when saving a document. Please let's continue our discussion there.