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                                  • I'm not sure if the Naming Assistant is new in the 16.2.5/16.2.6 versions or just updated, but I have disabled it for now because it is more of a hindrance than a nuisance.

                                    Assume a variable that is to be initialized to String.Empty.  After typing the ".Em" I get 2 expansion boxes showing various options; one above and one below the line I am working on.  One box shows the methods from the String class that match what I am typing (Empty and IsNullOrEmpty).  The second box shows a list of what looks like common variable names that match what I am typing (tempfile, assembly, etc).

                                    1.  This second list is meaningless at this point; selecting one of these options would only result in a code error.
                                    2.  It's hard to tell what will be selected because there is a highlighted item in both boxes.  In this example the Empty keyword is highlighted and I usually just press Tab or Enter to select it.  However almost invariably the word that is selected in the other list gets entered.
                                    3.  If I physically select the Empty keyword using the mouse cursor, the code does get updated correctly but the second box is still displayed.  And on the next keystroke the highlighted word in this second list replaces the Empty keyword that I had previously selected.

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                                Hello,Thank you for pointing out this problem to us.
                                We have fixed it and prepared a build. You are welcome to download it here: