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                                  • Not sure what the latest version introduced, but I have some large unit test files (40k lines) that have become unusable with CRR 16.2.5. I can't even type comments without 10-15 seconds between letters appearing on my screen. Without doing anything productive and only having the file open and clicking around inside of VS has my process steadily using 35% of my processor and memory usage spikes to 2gb where previously it would be around 1.1gb.

                                    When I roll back to 16.2.4 and turn off auto-updating then speed is good. I want to upgrade to 16.2.5 because it resolves obnoxious issues with the DeclareProvider and doing any kind of real work. (I end up turning that off, but then my frequently used quick actions don't get sorted to the top.)

                                    Is there something I can do to help diagnose the speed hit? It's instant and very noticeable. It only seems to happen in large files, though. Standard code files seem okay so far.

                                • George K (DevExpress) 02.23.2017

                                  Hi Jason,
                                  I have managed to reproduce the issue. Please give us some time to research the issue in detail.

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                                Additional information:

                                Jason, we have fixed a few issues with slow typing in large unit test files.
                                Please install CodeRush v16.2.6 from marketplace and confirm that the issue is gone in your project.
                                We are looking forward to hearing of your results.

                                • Get Away Today 02.28.2017

                                  The update works. I can type in the file again. :)

                                • George K (DevExpress) 03.01.2017

                                  Hi Jason,
                                  I am happy to hear that this problem has been resolved.