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                                  • Web Dashboards do not raise the ItemClick event when an end-user clicks an empty space in Chart or Pie items. This event is raised when an end-user  clicks a data element in an item, for instance, series points, bars, or series names in the legend.

                                    As a workaround, it is possible to access an inner widget by using the approach from Access to Underlying Widgets and handle this widget's root HTML element click event.
                                    For example, you can use the following code for chart items:

                                    if (args.ItemName == "chartDashboardItem1") { var chart = args.GetWidget(); chart.element().click(function () { alert("Click Executed"); }); }
                                • Jonathan Barksdale 02.20.2017

                                  This provided exactly the solution that I needed to solve a problem.  Thank you guys!

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                                We have researched this behavior in greater detail and have not found a way to raise the ItemClick event when an end-user clicks an empty space in web dashboard items since the current version of our DevExtreme widgets does not provide a corresponding event. We do not have immediate plans to change this behavior. Thus I suggest you use the workaround described in the initial post.
                                Feel free to reactivate this ticket if you need any assistance with this workaround in your application.