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                                  • Hi,

                                    I wanted to reuse my old personal templates (exported from CodeRush classic) and although I was able to import them in CodeRush for Roslyn,  they are not expanding.

                                    I've realized that the problem is the Context defined for the imported templates. If I remove the context, the template expands fine in Roslyn but then I've lost the ability to avoid creating XML code in wrong places. How can I re-define the context in CodeRush for Roslyn?

                                    For instance, one of the templates imported has the following entry in the Context so it should only expand if the parent tag is Params:


                                    In Roslyn I've pressed the ellipsis button of the Context control but even I selected from the context provider dialog Code->Editor->XML->InSection it only results with the value [InSection] and no indication how can I define the proper context.

                                • Igor K. (DevExpress) 02.08.2017

                                  Hi Gelberm,

                                  Based on the information you provided, I created a new XML-related template with the same context dependency as you did and was able to reproduce the issue.
                                  Moreover, the "Check templates" button click gives me an error with the "Context not found" message.

                                  Unfortunately, at the moment, I cannot tell you the reason of the issue. Please give me some time to examine this behavior.

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