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                                Hello Mark,

                                You can change the schema (namespace) to which a certain business class belongs using the Persistent attribute:
                                [Persistent("Schema1.Class1")] public class Class1 : XPLiteObject {

                                To do this in the ORM Designer, select an entity and change its Persistent property.
                                • Mark Holmes 01.12.2017
                                  What about the XAF tables that are auto created when the application is first run i.e ModelDifference table?
                                • Hello Mark,

                                  XPO allows you to dynamically modify persistent metadata. For instance, you can remove or add custom attributes from/to persistent classes and members. In an XAF application, you can do this within the ModuleBase.CustomizeTypesInfo Method. Refer to the Customize Business Object's Metadata article for details.

                                  Specifically, you can use the following code to map the ModelDifference class to another table:
                                  public override void CustomizeTypesInfo(ITypesInfo typesInfo) { base.CustomizeTypesInfo(typesInfo); CalculatedPersistentAliasHelper.CustomizeTypesInfo(typesInfo); BaseInfo modelDifferenceType = (BaseInfo)typesInfo.FindTypeInfo(typeof(ModelDifference)); modelDifferenceType.RemoveAttributes<PersistentAttribute>(); modelDifferenceType.AddAttribute(new PersistentAttribute("Schema1.ModelDifference")); }


                                • Mark Holmes 01.13.2017
                                  Thank you very much this works well. It would be nice though to have a single setting in the xpo connection that allows you to direct all table references to a single alternate schema for instance if you didn't have access to the public schema for some reason in postgresql. Anyway, thanks both of you for your help, as always the Devexpress support is top notch
                                • You are welcome, Mark! I have forwarded your suggestion about providing a built-in option to specify the schema name to our developers, though.

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