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                                • HengYi Lin 01.18.2017

                                  when i develop one web form page, may i just copy html code from other project's web page (include DevExpress Control html code) & add DevExpress NuGet package ??

                                • Maxim E (DevExpress) 01.19.2017


                                  Sure, all control's functionality and API are remained the same.

                                • Phillip D 01.26.2017

                                  First of all, thank you very much for this NuGet functionality.

                                  Second, is this where I should report issues, or should I enter a regular support question for issues with the NuGet packages?

                                  I did a quick test with one of our ASP.NET projects in Visual Studio 2015, I added all the NuGet packages listed above except for the Mvc and Mvc5 packages, and published the project/application to a test web server - it's missing the DevExpress.XtraPivotGrid.v16.2.dll on the test web server.

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 01.27.2017

                                  Hello Phillip,

                                  To process your inquiry more efficiently, I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T476733: NuGet - XtraPivotGrid is missed). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly. If you find any other issues with NuGet packages, you can submit support tickets and we will process them.

                                • Bart Vries 02.23.2017

                                  Hello Antony,

                                  If the packages for WPF become available i would love to be part of the beta group.

                                  Best regards,

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 02.24.2017

                                  Hi Bart,

                                  Thank you for taking interest in this and volunteering to test our new service. We will appreciate it if you describe where and how you plan to use it.

                                • Bart Vries 02.24.2017

                                  Hi Antony,

                                  We are an ISV building standard software used by a large number of users. We only update control version on mayor releases of our software. So we sometimes need to fix bugs against old versions of the devexpress controls (for bugfix releases). We solved this issue by checking in the controls in our source control system and using references to controls in that folder. This results in checking in binaries in source control which we are not a fan of.

                                  By using nuget we have a some of advantages. First we do not need to checkin the controls in our source control server, because the proper version is automatically downloaded from the nuget server. Second we can see if new versions of the controls have been released by simply opening the nuget explorer on the solution, like we do for the other 3th party libraries. This helps us on standardizing on the way of checking for updates for libraries instead of checking the website.

                                  Eventually i would love a version of devexpress installer which only installs the vs plugins and tooling and lets us active the license. It would be nice that the installer would be independent of the version of the control which are used in the project(s) and would only be limited to an upper version when the subscription ends.


                                • Jan Vanek 03.03.2017

                                  I have two questions:

                                  1) When are you planning to switch your nuget repository to production use for every subscriber (not beta testing)?
                                  2) Will be localized assemblies part of nuget packages or nuget repository?

                                  I'm looking forward to Dx Nuget repository :-)

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 03.03.2017

                                  Hello Jan,

                                  >>When are you planning to switch your nuget repository to production use for every subscriber (not beta testing)?
                                  We plan to release it in a couple of months.

                                  >>Will be localized assemblies part of nuget packages or nuget repository?
                                  We love this idea and will try to add them when the service is released.

                                • isbutterfield 04.07.2017

                                  Can I ask the ETA on eXpress App Framework via Nuget package?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 04.10.2017

                                  We cannot provide you with any ETA for now. This depends on the demand, so the more customers ask for this, the sooner we consider providing the packages.

                                • Michael Bogaerts 04.19.2017

                                  I would like to have this as well...
                                  i'm currently using the solution from Manuel Grundner
                                  ( this works fine however if dx can provide the packages this would be mutch easier!

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 04.20.2017

                                  Hello. You can obtain your key in the download manager as described in the article.

                                • Michael Bogaerts 04.20.2017

                                  For XAF?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 04.20.2017

                                  I meant the key that is used to generate the feed url. There are no XAF packages at present.

                                • Michael Bogaerts 04.20.2017

                                  That was what I meant... :-)
                                  Sorry if it wasn't clear

                                  I use the solution of Manuel for the Xaf Packages

                                • Nickolai Nielsen 05.02.2017

                                  Hi, any eta on winforms nuget packages ?

                                  i im interested for the same reasons as "Bart Vries"

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 05.02.2017

                                  There's no ETA for now. We will update the thread once we have any news.

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 06.19.2017

                                  I had no idea this was going on! Having WinForms, WPF and reporting packages would be an amazing boon for us! It's always a hassle upgrading the dev machines and build server with projects at different DevExpress release versions. This will get rid of so much headache! I literally cannot wait!

                                • James Baker 06.28.2017

                                  Is this actually going to happen for WPF? Would enable us to update with maintenance releases then instead of just major versions. 7 months seems like a long time with no change since?

                                • Paul (DevExpress Support) 06.28.2017

                                  While we don't have any ETA on this, we appreciate your feedback. The more our customers ask about this, the sooner we consider providing the packages. :) We will update this thread once we have any news.

                                • Michael Bogaerts 06.28.2017

                                  The more our customers ask about this or the The more times our customers ask about this  ;-)

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 06.28.2017

                                  Hi Michael,

                                  When this beta was started, only ASP.NET packages were available. As you can see now, more packages are available and we will continue increasing this number.

                                • Daniel Temme 06.28.2017


                                  the description now says that WinForms are available, but I can't them I the feed.
                                  Xpo and Web components are listed in the feed, but no trace of the WinForms.
                                  If I install the package DevExpress.Xpo, the DevEpress.Data package is also being installed correctly. But if I'm searching for DevExpress.Data I don't get any results ('Include prerelease' is set to true and I selected all available feeds).

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 06.28.2017

                                  Hi Daniel,

                                  We plan to release WinForms Nuget packages with our minor release, which is around the corner. Please watch for our announcements.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 06.29.2017

                                  The WinForms packages are now available.

                                • Stefan Fröhlich 06.29.2017

                                  When can we expect the WPF packages?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 06.29.2017

                                  Hi Stefan,

                                  The beta is going well and releasing the WPF packages is our next goal. If everything goes well, they will be available in a few months.

                                • fabio borghi 06.30.2017

                                  Todays nuget server does not work!
                                  Here is the error message:
                                  The V2 feed at '[ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ]/FindPackagesById()?id='BundlerMinifier.Core'' returned an unexpected status code '404 Not Found'.
                                  What does it means?
                                  Thank you

                                • Daniel Temme 06.30.2017

                                  BundlerMinifier.Core is a package that is hosted on This is not a DevExpress package.
                                  Try to select "All"  feeds in the package source feed list.

                                • fabio borghi 06.30.2017

                                  Here is the result error:[DevExpress Nuget server] The V2 feed at '[MyCode]/Search()?$filter=IsAbsoluteLatestVersion&searchTerm=''&targetFramework='netcoreapp1.1'&includePrerelease=true&$skip=0&$top=26' returned an unexpected status code '404 Not Found'
                                  Until last monday all worked fine

                                • fabio borghi 06.30.2017

                                  Regarding the above error message, here is another question: how could we upgrade DevExtreme to 17.1.4 on line?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 06.30.2017

                                  Hi Fabio,

                                  It seems that the error occurs because the query is incorrect. The correct URL should be{my code}/api/ instead of{my code}/. Because of this, the feed returns the 404 error. Please ensure that your feed has the correct address in Tools => Options => NuGet Package Manager => Package Sources. In addition, you can check the nuget.config file.

                                  As for the DevExtreme packages, our JS components are published on the standard NuGet server: Installing NuGet packages. The server-side MVC components are available through our own NuGet server discussed in this thread.

                                • fabio borghi 06.30.2017

                                  Hy,, you are right!
                                  now it's works
                                  Thank you

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 07.03.2017

                                  Awesome to see the WinForms packages up! Only thing holding us up from starting to use them is the lack of the XtraWizard  dll.

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 07.04.2017

                                  Hello Joseph,

                                  Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I reproduced the problem. We will add the XtraWizard assembly with the next minor release: NuGet Packages - The XtraWizard assembly is not available in packages.

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 07.05.2017

                                  We have published updated NuGet packages that include the XtraWizard assembly. Please note that it is necessary to cache DevExpress packages to apply the new version. The instruction on how to do this is available here: NuGet Packages - The XtraWizard assembly is not available in packages

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 07.06.2017

                                  Thanks, that's great! One thing that's not great though is the lack of granularity. For example, we've been running an end user designer for a long time without these DLLs:


                                  But there is no way to package reference DevExpress.Win.Reporting without getting these in the project output. It's just bloat. I know some DLLs are needed for the end user report designer, but DevExpress.XtraGauges.v17.1.Presets and DevExpress.XtraGauges.v17.1.Win aren't needed, are they? I'd be much happier if XtraTreeMap was its own package, XtraSpellChecker was its own package, Mvvm was its own package, etc. Granularity is good. Even if you went so far as to publish a package for every individual DLL, you can't go wrong. You could do a package per DLL and still provide a metapackage like .Win for people who don't care about output bloat.

                                  Also, many NuGet packages like DevExpress.Data and DevExpress.SpreadSheet.Core are unlisted but we have a couple of projects which need to reference just one or the other. It would be nice if they were listed on their own in the feed so I don't have to type those names into the csproj by hand. Believe it or not, reducing bloat is a real interest. ;-)

                                • Asbjørn Mikkelsen 07.06.2017

                                  But if you use Tools -> DevExpress deployment tools, then those wouldn't be included?, or are they referenced still in the project?, if so, more granularity would be required.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 07.07.2017

                                  Thanks for your feedback. We agree with you about the granularity and will think about providing the best solution.

                                • Matthieu Penant 07.07.2017

                                  +1 for granularity. We've been using the packages generated by and it's efficient this way. The only issue is dlls that have large dependencies like  DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl.

                                • Rich Piette 07.11.2017

                                  Please add WPF packages to nuget

                                • Christian Desrosiers 07.11.2017

                                  +1 for WPF

                                • Stefan Fröhlich 07.11.2017

                                  +1 for WPF

                                • Alexander Stärk 07.12.2017

                                  +1 for WPF

                                • Emin Inam 07.13.2017

                                  +1 for WPF

                                • M.Estermann 07.13.2017

                                  +1 for WPF please

                                • Noufal Aboobacker 07.13.2017

                                  +1 for WPF

                                • Denis Rougé 07.13.2017

                                  +1 for WPF

                                • Dominic C 07.13.2017

                                  +1 for WPF

                                • Francois Levasseur 1 07.13.2017

                                  +1 for WPF 

                                • Hugo Lemieux 07.13.2017

                                  +1 for WPF  

                                • Roman Bäriswyl 07.25.2017

                                  +1 for WPF

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 07.29.2017

                                  As is often your guidance for advanced needs, we maintain our own classes derived from GridControl and FilterControl and many others, including custom editors. Four of these have overridden designers. We have a non-distributable design-time-only assembly which needs to reference:


                                  It would be nice to have those as non-distributable designer NuGet packages.

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 07.31.2017

                                  Hi Joseph,
                                  As your inquiry seems to require a through discussion, I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T541126: Non-distributable NuGet packages for WinForms control designers). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Michael Bogaerts 07.31.2017

                                  Any progress on XAF?

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 08.01.2017

                                  Hi Michael,
                                  We're working on WPF packages now ... moving forward step by step. And yes, XAF is also in our plans :)

                                • Michael Bogaerts 08.01.2017

                                  Yeah!!! Whoop Whooop :-)

                                  looking forward to it

                                • Roland Harrison 08.02.2017

                                  Please add WPF as a priority 

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 08.02.2017


                                  The WPF packages are now available.

                                • Roman Bäriswyl 08.03.2017

                                  What key should be used on a build server? Just one from a developer? Could this lead to issues if we have 10+ build servers?

                                • Stefan Fröhlich 08.03.2017

                                  Hi Helen

                                  thats great but i cant install DevExpress.Wpf.PdfViewer. I get following error message: Unable to resolve dependency 'DevExpress.Document.Processor'.

                                  Also this packages are missing:
                                  - DevExpress.Images -> Can't use {dx:DXImageGrayscale Image=Delete_32x32.png}
                                  - DevExpress.Xpf.Themes.HybridApp is missing.

                                • Roman Bäriswyl 08.03.2017

                                  What about XPF packages? Or are they obsolete and WPF packages should be used?

                                • Roman Bäriswyl 08.03.2017

                                  Also some packages cannot be installed directly.
                                  For example DevExpress.Wpf.Core. This package is installed when for example Wpf.Charts is installed but in some cases, I only want to have DevExpress.Wpf.Core installed (for example for the ThemeManager).
                                  What is the reason that not all packas can be installed separately?

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 08.03.2017


                                  "What key should be used on a build server? Just one from a developer? Could this lead to issues if we have 10+ build servers?"
                                  You don't need extra licenses for build machines. So, you can use your developer key to install NuGet packages to your build servers.

                                  "What about XPF packages? Or are they obsolete and WPF packages should be used?"
                                  The WPF packages described above are provided by DevExpress. This is an official way to install DevExpress.Xpf libraries through NuGet. If you used another source of packages, I suggest that you consider switching to this one.

                                  "Also some packages cannot be installed directly. "

                                  I've created a separate ticket for this question: NuGet - How to install Wpf.Core only. Please refer to it for further assistance.

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 08.03.2017


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf for further processing your questions: NuGet - Questions about WPF packages.

                                • Brett Polivka 08.03.2017

                                  With regards to the design-time assemblies, if they are included in the NuGet package along side the primary assemblies, the Visual Studio designer will pick them up (at least for WPF). As long as they are only included as <files> and not as <references>, they will not be added to the project's references.

                                  I used this approach for some internally-built NuGet packages and it works perfectly.

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 08.03.2017

                                  I will need the .Design packages to have the .Design DLLs as references in order to reference them in our Company.Namespace.Design project which contains overridden designers (see
                                  Where including .Design dlls as <files> makes sense is in the same distributable packages which have the matching controls as <references>.

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 08.03.2017

                                  The granularity changes in 17.1.5 packages are a step in a very good direction.

                                  It would resolve the remaining build output issues that we currently know about if:

                                  DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.v17.1.Extensions.dll was not included by DevExpress.Win.Reporting (via DevExpress.Win.RichEdit)
                                  DevExpress.RichEdit.v17.1.Export.dll was not included by DevExpress.Win.Reporting (via DevExpress.Reporting.Core)
                                  DevExpress.XtraCharts.v17.1.dll was not included by DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Core (via DevExpress.Charts.Core)
                                  DevExpress.Utils.v17.1.dll was not included by DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Core (via DevExpress.Core)

                                  We have been deploying multiple projects without these DLLs without loss of functionality and would like to continue doing so.

                                • Mihael Iordanov 2 08.04.2017

                                  There are at least a few packages missing from the Wpf feed:


                                  Are you planning to include them?

                                  Thank you,

                                • Christian Langel 08.07.2017

                                  See the Ticket: Vote for it if you need this too.

                                  Looks like several look for a full List where we find the requested Assemblys. Some of the old ones moved into the WPF ones. So i asked for a full List to find out wich packages we need.


                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 08.07.2017


                                  Please refer to the T543260: NuGet - Unnecessary assemblies thread for further assistance.
                                  I've created a separate ticket dedicated to your question (T543261: NuGet - Packages are not available). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Swamy Kancheti FactSet 08.10.2017


                                  We currently use the DevExpress.Docs.v17  assembly.  It looks like this should be included in the DevExpress.Document.Processor package but I do not see this package in NuGet,  Has this been published?


                                  - Jeff

                                • Kevin Knoll 08.10.2017


                                  We currently use two separate dlls that I did not find in a package. In your next release, would you consider adding these as stand alone packages since not everyone uses them, or including them in a package that makes sense? Both dlls are used in windows programs.

                                  DevExpress.Images.v17.1.dll -> Depends upon DevExpress.Data

                                  DevExpress.XtraPdfViewer.v17.1.dll -> Depends upon DevExpress.Data, DevExpress.Core, DevExpress.Win, DevExpress.Pdf.Drawing


                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 08.11.2017


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T544766: The DevExpress.Document.Processor package is missing) to discuss this issue.

                                  Thanks, I'll pass this information to our R&D team and we will consider implementing this feature in future releases.

                                • Roland Harrison 08.20.2017

                                  We also require this to be added to nuget DevExpress.Images.v17.1

                                  The above ticket is private. Are you able to open it so I can view the result?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 08.21.2017

                                  Hello Roland,

                                  We answered your inquiry in the T547329: DevExpress.Images NuGet package is not available with WPF subscription ticket. Please refer to it.

                                • Ronald Helden 08.21.2017

                                  Is it possible to add the following packages?


                                • Ronald Helden 08.21.2017

                                  I also created a ticket here T547545 - Some nuget packages not available

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 08.22.2017

                                  Hi Ronald,

                                  We answered you in your ticket.

                                • Andreas Eriksson 1 08.23.2017

                                  I am missing the DevExpress.XtraPdfViewer and DevExpress.Pdf.v17.1.Drawing from the nuget source. Will this be added in the future?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 08.24.2017


                                  The DevExpress.Pdf.v17.1.Drawing assembly is a part of the hidden package that is used as a dependency. It is available for installation using the Package Manager Console, i.e.:
                                  Install-Package DevExpress.Pdf.Drawing

                                  As for the XtraPdfViewer assembly, we plan to add it in the near future.

                                • Aleksandr S. 09.13.2017

                                  when i install DevExpress.Web, it removes from my web.config next line:

                                  <add type="DevExpress.Web.ASPxHttpHandlerModule, DevExpress.Web.v17.1, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b88d1754d700e49a" verb="GET,POST" path="DX.ashx" name="ASPxHttpHandlerModule" preCondition="integratedMode" />

                                  is it not required anymore?


                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 09.14.2017


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T555248: NuGet packages - The handler module is gone after installing the Web package). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Nina Pashinina 1 09.18.2017


                                  The DevExpress NuGet packages have not been shown. I use Visual Studio 2017.


                                  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                                  <service xmlns="" xmlns:atom="" xml:base="***/api"><atom:title type="text">Default</atom:title><atom:title type="text">Packages</atom:title></collection></workspace></service>

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 09.18.2017

                                  Hello Nina,

                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T556258: NuGet - Packages are not available). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Gaëtan Gourdin 09.26.2017

                                  Hi everyone,

                                  Having DevExpress as packages is the best news I've seen so far. It helps us manage easily new versions and deployment.
                                  However, no packages are provided for XtraReport. Is this normal ? I need to make a "hard reference" to XtraReport dll...


                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 09.26.2017

                                  Hi Christophe,

                                  We are happy to hear that the DevExpress NuGet packages are helpful. As for your question regarding reports, I suggest that we continue the conversation in a separate thread: T559064: NuGet Packages - Where is the XtraReports assembly.

                                • Santiago Moscoso 09.27.2017

                                  +1 for XAF

                                • ASM 09.27.2017

                                  Yes! We need XAF nuget packages!

                                • Arjan van Dijk 10.09.2017

                                  +10 Need XAF nuget packages

                                • Peter Kieslinger 10.25.2017

                                  +++++ for XAF

                                • mosa hap 10.27.2017

                                  is this required for azure tsvs builds to restore devextreme packages?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 10.30.2017


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T570173: Restoring DevExtreme packages). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Philip Jacob 2 11.02.2017

                                  Can I add support for adding Xaf packages to allow Xaf to build on VSTSO? Thank you.

                                • Christoph Weinzierl-Heigl [msg] 11.03.2017

                                  As has been requested by quite a few people already: It would be great if you could add the XAF packages to the feed!

                                • Joe Hanna 11.04.2017

                                   Nuget makes working with DevExpress so much easier - thank you!

                                  Do I even need to install the full package anymore?  We don't use designers anyway - it's all in code. ‍ The only hassle I see is the Project Converter still needs to be there and work, and it needs to know which version you moved to.

                                  W‍ould be great if the Project Converter could be modified to read the packages.config file and work out the version from there.  This means we don't need to install the full DevExpress Products and we don't need to keep it upgraded all the time to follow the nuget versions we want to use.


                                • Joseph N. Musser II 11.04.2017

                                  <PackageReference> is way easier and nicer to use than packages.config, and it works in all csproj types– even the legacy csproj we've had for ever.

                                • JOSEPH BRUZZESE 2 11.06.2017

                                  Can you please clarify if there are any limitations on access to the NuGet packages? 

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 11.06.2017

                                  Hi Joseph,

                                  The only access limitation that exists now is that you see only those packages that your DevExpress license allows.

                                • Colin Wynn 11.07.2017

                                  What is the best way to go about changing to the Nuget Packet Manager? I tried briefly yesterday and many of the libraries didn't seem available, such as DevExpress.XPF.Core and DevExpress.Data.V17.1. So should I add each Nuget Packet for each of your WPF libraries to each of my project or just add all to my solution to enable a full build on VSTS using a build agent??


                                • Joseph N. Musser II 11.07.2017

                                  They don't list DevExpress.Data and the *.Core packages but they are there. Just type it manually into your csproj (or project.json or packages.config). And ask them (as I have) for DevExpress to list those packages in the feed because it's super annoying.

                                • Aleksandr S. 11.07.2017

                                  And they do not provide localizations yet.. As well as hotfixes..

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 11.08.2017

                                  Hello Colin,

                                  As Joseph mentioned, some core packages are hidden and added automatically when you download other packages. As for the way of adding packages, that is a matter of preference.

                                • Colin Wynn 11.08.2017

                                  Thanks to all that replied, I will attempt moving over to Nuget packages this week all being well :)


                                • Les Brinkworth 11.16.2017

                                  I am really trying to understand the point of the nuget feed.  It seems that you have to still download and install the package as we always have.  Once this is done, when you open a project built using an older version you are prompted to upgrade the project anyway.  So what does the Nuget feed help?

                                  One gotcha I found since 17.1.7 is that when doing it this way the upgrade manager no longer updates references!  Was this intended?  I have only upgraded ASP.NET Webforms projects to date...  

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 11.16.2017

                                  I've found that you don't really need to download and install the machine-wide DevExpress SDK unless you need to open a designer in VS. Then you need the patch version of the SDK to precisely match the version of the NuGet packages you're referencing (which is a bit of a pain when going back and forth unrelated projects that target different patch versions).

                                  The NuGet feed is important for CI servers which need to run builds of projects simultaneously that use, say, 17.1.6 and 17.1.8 respectively. It's important in the same way for developing, building and packaging internal libraries which depend on DevExpress libraries, for which I don't need to open a designer anyway. The NuGet feed didn't happen a moment too soon. :')

                                  I likewise haven't run the upgrade manager in a long time. Upgrading package references can be done with the NuGet package manager.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 11.17.2017

                                  Hello Les,

                                  Joseph is right. NuGet packages are useful when you have a build server or when you develop an application that doesn't use the Designer at all. That might be any ASP.NET MVC project or when the whole layout is created at runtime.

                                  >>One gotcha I found since 17.1.7 is that when doing it this way the upgrade manager no longer updates references!  Was this intended?
                                  This issue is described in How to Use NuGet Packages in Projects:

                                  Go to the Nuget Package Manager's  *Updates tab and update all DevExpress packages.
                                  In case your application uses ASP.NET WebForms or WPF platforms, there might be assembly references in .aspx or .xaml files. Launch the  Project Convert tool to update them.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 11.17.2017

                                  Also, I am happy to announce that we support localization packages starting with 17.2.

                                • Colin Wynn 11.17.2017

                                  I've just gone to update my nuget packages to 17.2(.3) and they won't update because a dependency on DevExpress.Core is only version 17.1.8 :(

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 11.17.2017

                                  Hello Colin,

                                  This hidden package's content was split into 3 other packages. It should be sufficient to just remove this package. All other dependencies will be resolved automatically when you install 17.2.3 packages.

                                • Colin Wynn 11.17.2017

                                  Ok, I've a number of projects using this, and when I go to unistall this package I get:

                                  Unable to uninstall 'DevExpress.Core.17.1.8' because 'DevExpress.DataAccess.17.1.8, DevExpress.Office.Core.17.1.8, DevExpress.RichEdit.Core.17.1.8, DevExpress.Wpf.Core.17.1.8, DevExpress.Wpf.Grid.17.1.8, DevExpress.Wpf.Navigation.17.1.8, DevExpress.Wpf.Printing.17.1.8, DevExpress.Wpf.RichEdit.17.1.8' depend on it.


                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 11.17.2017

                                  In this case, I suggest that you uninstall all packages and then install them again using version 17.2.3.

                                • Colin Wynn 11.17.2017

                                  Ah bugger, practically took all day yesterday to change to nuget packages, and then 17.2 comes out 24 hours later, so not a happy bunny if I have to do this each and every time chaps :(

                                • Dan. 11.20.2017

                                  Same situation here. I have a lot of projects in my solution and can't remove DevExpress.Core.17.1.8. I guess I have to remove all packages in all my projects to update to 17.2. Do I only have to do this once from then on?

                                • Colin Wynn 11.20.2017

                                  I've just completed this task, in truth it's a real ball-ache, there surely has to be an easier way, took 2 hours to remove all references, remove all libraries listed in packages.config and then add what each of my projects required again through Nuget :(

                                • Asbjørn Mikkelsen 11.20.2017

                                  Tried to manually edit the csproj files?

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 11.20.2017

                                  To be honest, I just replace all Version="17.1.8" with Version="17.2.3" in the .csproj and I'm done in twenty seconds.
                                  The NuGet Package Manager can be a pain because upgrading any one package will fail due to the fixed dependency version restriction. Most packages use the default >= version restriction (like "17.2.3"), but DevExpress packages have an == version restriction ("[17.2.3]"). Which makes sense because you don't want to be mixing and matching DevExpress DLL versions.

                                  Someone should search/open an issue at Maybe I will, but I'm still happy with my textual 'replace all' solution.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 11.20.2017


                                  >I have a lot of projects in my solution and can't remove DevExpress.Core.17.1.8. I guess I have to remove all packages in all my projects to update to 17.2. Do I only have to do this once from then on?
                                  Yes, this should be done once due to the change in our package structure. We will add all changes in the Breaking Changes section soon.
                                  By the way, I've listed all possible issues and how to solve them in the Issues when upgrading NuGet packages to 17.2 ticket.

                                • Colin Wynn 11.20.2017

                                  Was tempted to do what Joseph says, but as it was my first update to DevExpress using the NPM I decided against it. But I shall do this next time as I've DevExpress packages in about a dozen of my solution's projects, so that will save time for sure.

                                • Dan. 11.21.2017

                                  Thanks for clearing that up Anthony.

                                • J Starch 11.30.2017

                                  Hi. Is this still in beta? We have issues when building on a build server that is clean from DevExpress packages/installation.
                                  Even though the dlls are prefent and referenced in a lib folder, the build fails.
                                  This may be the cure...

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 11.30.2017

                                  All: I filed an issue asking for prerelease packages.

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 11.30.2017
                                • Joseph N. Musser II 11.30.2017
                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 12.01.2017


                                  Yes, our NuGet service is still in beta. I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T466415: DevExpress NuGet packages). We will process it shortly.

                                  Thank you for your feedback. We'll answer in these tickets regarding each topic.

                                • Danny Joe 12.11.2017

                                  I had to force uninstall DevExpress.Core before it would let me upgrade from v17.1.8 to v17.2.3.

                                • Johan Andersson 02.01.2018


                                  what NuGet package should I use to reference DevExpress.XtraReports.v17.2.Extensions.dll ? Or more specifically, how can I work with ReportDesignExtension class ?

                                  I'm working with WebForms using DX 17.2.3 version for .Net 4.0.

                                  Thanks in advance.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 02.02.2018


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T602468: NuGet - How to reference the ReportDesignerExtension class). It will be answered shortly.

                                • Rik Pronk 02.02.2018

                                  Our company would also be happy with XAF packages!

                                • Jacek Kosiński 02.06.2018

                                  why XAF is not on this list ?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 02.06.2018

                                  @Sławomir: I've answered you in a separate ticket (T603596: Nuget packages for XAF).

                                • Chris Schiefer 02.16.2018

                                  Why don't you include a general WPF package?  What if I only want to use the editors?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 02.19.2018

                                  Hello Chris,

                                  When we were planning the packages initially, we thought that small "product" packages are the best from both technical (support, possible breaking changes, internal structure changes) and customer points of view.
                                  As for our editors, we will consider a standalone package. For now, please reference the Grid's one.

                                • Toni Wenzel CHG 02.20.2018

                                  In wich NuGet package can I find the DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v17.2.Reporting.Extensions.dll assembly?

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 02.20.2018

                                  DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v17.2.Reporting.Extensions.dll is in DevExpress.Win.SchedulerReporting.

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 02.20.2018

                                  I should make a web page that lets you choose the list of assemblies you reference and tells you the minimal set of NuGet packages you need to reference.
                                  (And even generate the <PackageReference> elements for you to paste which works in every kind of csproj.)

                                • Jeff Polk 02.26.2018

                                  The XtraWizard assembly is no longer available on the feed?

                                  I've tried clearing the NuGet cache per T532107.

                                • Joseph N. Musser II 02.26.2018

                                  DevExpress.XtraWizard.v17.2.dll is currently located in the DevExpress.Win package.

                                • Jeff Polk 02.26.2018

                                  Thank you Joseph!

                                  As an aside comment, it would be nice if the package descriptions included a list of assemblies included in the package. This would allow assembly keyword searches to resolve to the correct packages.

                                • Alex V. Ivanoff 03.06.2018

                                  Can we rehost the packages on our internal NuGet server?

                                • Michael Bogaerts 03.06.2018

                                  If you take all dependencies into account this should cause no issues as far as i can tel,
                                  we do it al ready for different packages.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 03.07.2018

                                  @Alex: Yes, it is possible.

                                • Greg P 03.07.2018

                                  I'm trying to figure out what part of this is actually the Beta part.   Does it use the same assemblies (e.g. DevExpress.Web.dll) as the main installer?  Or are the assemblies different?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 03.08.2018

                                  @Greg: The assemblies are the same. It is the service itself that is in the beta.
                                  We started with only ASP.NET packages and then continued adding other platforms, localization. We launched the NuGet portal recently. We have some more plans to implement before the "Beta" label is removed.

                                • Asbjørn Mikkelsen 03.22.2018

                                  Why do I get this error?
                                   Skipped Nuget packages found, and that while using the project converter as mentioned above.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 03.22.2018


                                  The project converter skips the project if it detects the NuGet packages. I suggest that you:

                                  1. Rename the .csproj file, e.g. to .csproj1;
                                  2. Launch the Project Converter;
                                  3) Rename the project file back to .csproj
                                • Jeff Stiegler 04.28.2018

                                  When selecting Package source as DevExpress Nuget server, I receive the following error.  What did I do wrong?

                                  [DevExpress Nuget server] The V2 feed at '$filter=IsLatestVersion&searchTerm=''&targetFramework='net40'&includePrerelease=false&$skip=0&$top=26&semVerLevel=2.0.0' returned an unexpected status code '404 Not Found'.

                                  I used MyKey instead of my actual key.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 04.30.2018

                                  Hello Jeff,

                                  Check your source feed's url. It should be ****instead of"  or any other symbols.

                                • Alexis Demaude 04.30.2018

                                  Hi, is the list above of included packages up to date? There are a fair few we use that are not on the list yet, and this has already been 2 years in the making, we would hope for a larger list of included items.

                                  Kind regards

                                • Jeff Stiegler 04.30.2018

                                  My feed is correct in that I don't add anything after ".../api"  The error code added the stuff after /api

                                  Error occurs when I try to " Manage NuGet Packages for Solution... :"

                                  No packages are ever displayed...just the error message.

                                • Alexis Demaude 04.30.2018

                                  Is there a list defining which libraries are included any specific package? I am after replacing references to our installed devexpress version with references to NuGet packages.

                                • Jeff Stiegler 04.30.2018

                                  Mystery solved.  I had a " after .../api

                                  Removed it and know it works ok.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 05.01.2018

                                  I am happy to hear that the issue has been resolved.

                                  Yes, the list is up-to-date. Would you please clarify what items are you missing?
                                  As for the assemblies <=> packages list, we have some plans regarding it, but at present there's no such list.

                                • Kerem Kerem 1 05.21.2018

                                  Korean localizations are missing.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 05.21.2018


                                  We provide the following localization files out of the box:
                                  de - German
                                  es - Spanish
                                  ja - Japanese
                                  ru - Russian
                                  Please refer to Localization to obtain files for other languages.

                                • Adam Erchegyi 06.08.2018

                                  +1 to make the feed productive!

                                • Oliver Gröger 07.21.2018

                                  +1 to make it productive


                                  +1.238.411 to include XAF ;)

                                • Dimka M 09.17.2018

                                  Oddly enough I can't see DevExpress.Core version 18.1 in the nuget list, however other nugets that depend on it have proper version (for example DevExpress.Data 18.1.6 is visible.

                                • Atilla Kruuzum 09.18.2018


                                  could you add turkish ?


                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 09.18.2018

                                  >Oddly enough I can't see DevExpress.Core version 18.1 in the nuget list, however other nugets that depend on it have proper version (for example DevExpress.Data 18.1.6 is visible.
                                  This package is hidden. Is there a specific reason why you want to include this specific package without using other packages?

                                  Only five languages are supported out of the box: German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and English. For other languages, use the approaches described in Localization.

                                • Asbjørn Mikkelsen 09.18.2018

                                  those five languages are also packed as nugets, how are those referenced?, and how can we make our own nuget language packages that get referenced the same way?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 09.18.2018

                                  Those packages contain resource assemblies described in Localizing ASP.NET Controls via Satellite Resource Assemblies.
                                  Once you obtain a resource assembly via our Localization service, it should be possible to wrap it in your own NuGet package and reference in a project.

                                • Asbjørn Mikkelsen 09.18.2018

                                  Everything is possible..
                                  So, after switching to PackageReference, we get simple references to nugetpackages for DevExpress , so I can add only an reference to DevExpress.Wpf.PivotGrid, and don't need to bother with what kind of packages which are referenced further.

                                  BUT.. to find out which resources need to be added for language, I have to dissect all language resource nuget packages, and manually create those, and then manually add all those nuget packages which are needed..
                                  So, it seems that the only feasible way of doing this is just copy those 110+ resource dll's just to get things working.. I wish there was an easier way, but I guess, that's it.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 09.19.2018

                                  > I have to dissect all language resource nuget packages, and manually create those, and then manually add all those nuget packages which are needed
                                  There's no need to mirror our packages structure. After you get the localization archive from our Localization Service, wrap all resource assemblies in a single NuGet package and reference it in your project.
                                  All 110+ of them have the ~4.5MB size which is slightly more than the DevExpress.Data package's size. In case you certainly know that you won't use other platforms, you can remove a part of packages (e.g., *.Web.* or *.ExpressApp.*).

                                  That is of course if you wish to restore the localization packages using NuGet instead of adding resource assemblies directly to VCS.

                                • Dimka M 10.01.2018

                                  The reason is that I can't update from 17.x to 18.x. I get the error below and I assumed that this is because I need to update devexpress.core
                                  Attempting to gather dependency information for package 'DevExpress.Data.18.1.6' with respect to project 'XXXX', targeting '.NETFramework,Version=v4.6.2'
                                  Gathering dependency information took 3.22 sec
                                  Attempting to resolve dependencies for package 'DevExpress.Data.18.1.6' with DependencyBehavior 'Lowest'
                                  Unable to resolve dependencies. 'DevExpress.Data 18.1.6' is not compatible with 'DevExpress.Core 17.1.11 constraint: DevExpress.Data (= 17.1.11)'. 

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 10.02.2018

                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T677604: Cant upgrade DevExpress.Data to 18.1.6 - Unable to resolve dependencies. X is not compatible with Y constraint: X (= Z)'.). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Matthieu Penant 03.20.2019

                                  @Anthony the .NET Core controls via NuGet  link is broken.

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 03.21.2019

                                  Thanks Matthieu, I've updated it.

                                • Customer116128 07.11.2019

                                  I use government laptop and don't have admin right due to the agency group policy.
                                  I've tried to upgrade DEvExpress from 17.2 to 19.1 via NuGet . No success due to luck of admin rights.
                                  I've copied my project to my personal laptop , updated from 17 to 19 using NuGet functionality, then copied updated project to my work laptop.
                                  When I open solution I still have 17.2 controls in my toolbox and 19.1 references in my reference folder. (see the attached screenshot.
                                  When I run my application and try to open any web page with DecExpress control I have the following error:
                                  Compiler Error Message:  CS0433: The type 'DevExpress.Web.GridViewToolbarItem' exists in both 'c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL\DevExpress.Web.v17.2\v4.0_17.2.5.0__b88d1754d700e49a\DevExpress.Web.v17.2.dll' and 'c:\Users\s.miroshnichenko.ctr\AppData\Local\Temp\Temporary ASP.NET Files\vs\7b8fd3a0\e258725d\assembly\dl3\95e157a1\00d86c9c_6c26d501\DevExpress.Web.v19.1.DLL'
                                   Line 2223: Line 2224: [System.Diagnostics.DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute()] Line 2225: private global::DevExpress.Web.GridViewToolbarItem @__BuildControl__control42() { Line 2226: global::DevExpress.Web.GridViewToolbarItem @__ctrl; Line 2227 Please help.

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 07.11.2019


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T757466: ASP.NET Web Forms - "The type 'DevExpress.Web.GridViewToolbarItem' exists in both" error after upgrade). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

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