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                                  • Hi, the recent update v16.2.3 has totally wiped out all my templates and settings. I see very few code templates at all. For example fe should expand to foreach ( .... ) and if should expand to if ( ....) {  }

                                    Nothing at all.

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                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 12.19.2016

                                  Hi Matt,

                                  I managed to reproduce a similar issue on a clean machine.
                                  After changing and adding some templates and updating 16.1.7 -> 16.1.8 -> 16.1.9 -> 16.2.3, a big part of my templates was lost.

                                  So, we will research this issue and notify you when we make any progress.

                                  It would also be helpful if you provide the following information:
                                  - CodeRush settings (they can be obtained here: %AppData%\CodeRush\Settings).
                                  - CodeRush log files (they can be obtained here: %LocalAppData%\CodeRush\Logs).

                                  Your cooperation is appreciated.

                                • Matt Smith 12.19.2016

                                  Requested files.

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 12.19.2016

                                  Matt, thank you for providing additional information.

                                  As a temporary workaround, I suggest you reset your CodeRush templates to default, restart Visual Studio and adjust custom templates according to your needs.

                                  I have attached a screencast that illustrates how to reset CodeRush template settings.

                                • Matt Smith 12.19.2016

                                  I was hoping you wouldn't say that. Thanks.

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 12.19.2016


                                  As a second option, please give us additional time and we will prepare a special build with a hotfix for you.
                                  With this build, you will be able to use your custom templates (if you already reset to default settings, you can use the attached settings from this thread).

                                  We will update this thread as soon as the hotfix will be ready.

                                • Matt Smith 12.19.2016

                                  Don't worry about the hot fix. Did the reset and will soldier on. Thanks. Good luck on the fix.

                                • Matt Smith 12.19.2016

                                  Quick update. The template expansion is somewhat flaky. I try to expand the tc template (try/catch) and I get char. Not sure what the issue is here, if it is the settings file or the update. Should I download a new copy after removing the existing? This was updated through the Extensions and Updates of VS 2015

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 12.20.2016

                                  Hello Matt,

                                  I think that this issue may be related to the original issue with build 16.2.3.
                                  So, please provide with us your current CodeRush settings (which you have after resetting the template settings) and log files as you did before.

                                  In any case, we are going to prepare you a special build that will be contain a fix for the original issue. Please give us some time to prepare it.
                                  Regarding your question about updating CodeRush for Roslyn, you do not need to remove the previous version, just update through the Extensions and Updates of VS 2015 as you did.

                                  We will notify you once a build with the hotfix is ready.

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 12.21.2016

                                  Hello Matt,

                                  We have prepared a build with a hotfix for you, please execute the following steps:
                                  - Close all VS instances.
                                  - Download and install the hotfix using this link: CodeRush.Roslyn-
                                  - Open the "%AppData%\CodeRush" folder and replace the "Settings" subfolder with your settings that you attached to this ticket earlier.
                                  - Start the VS and try to expand your custom templates or any default ones.

                                  Please let us know of your results.

                                • Matt Smith 12.21.2016

                                  Thanks Pavel. Looks like it works like a charm.

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 12.21.2016

                                  I am happy to hear that the issue is resolved, Matt.
                                  Thank you for letting us know.

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