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                                  • Hello.
                                    I updated CodeRush for Roslyn from v16.1.9 to v16.2.3.
                                    All the shortcuts were missing.
                                    I could not restore the shortcut by pressing the default button.
                                    Is there a way to solve this problem?
                                    Do I need to register everything myself?

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                                • Atsuhito Saito 12.14.2016

                                  Shortcuts.xml loading process is not working ... 

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.15.2016

                                  Hi Atsuhito,

                                  Please provide additional information about the issue:

                                  1. What system locale you are using?
                                  2. Please provide us with Coderush logs . You can obtain them by the following path:
                                  Zip this folder and attach to your next message.
                                  3. Provide us with Coderush settings so we can reproduce the issue under the same conditions.
                                  Zip all contents of the "%AppData%\CodeRush\Settings" folder and attach the obtained archive to your next message.
                                • Atsuhito Saito 12.15.2016

                                  Thank you for your response
                                  The system locale is
                                  日本語 (日本) ... ja-JP
                                  I put it in a zip file with a screenshot.

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.16.2016

                                  Hi Atsuhito,

                                  Thank you for the logs. I have examined them and see a lot of exceptions in our shortcut engine. It seems that the cause is related to our latest changes in it. Please give us some time so we can reproduce the issue with the same conditions as yours and find an appropriate solution.

                                  Since version 16.1.9 works properly on your side, as a temporary workaround, we suggest you install it. Note that you should disable automatic updates for CodeRush for Roslyn (see the attached screenshot).

                                • Atsuhito Saito 12.16.2016

                                  Thank you for your working.

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.16.2016

                                  Atsuhito, you are welcome!

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.21.2016

                                  Hi Atsuhito,

                                  We have spent a few days trying to reproduce the issue using the same environment as yours, and finally we were able to do this. For some reason it depends on the current input language. As you can see in the attached screencast if I select English, the options are loaded properly. If I select Japan before loading Visual Studio, shortcuts aren't loaded.
                                  We will fix this issue as soon as possible. Once we do it, we will notify you immediately.

                                • Atsuhito Saito 12.21.2016

                                  Hi, Alex.
                                  Thank you for reporting and identifying the cause.
                                  Please fix the problem.

                                1 Solution

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                                Additional information:


                                We have fixed the issue and prepared a build containing these changes for you:

                                Please install it and let us know how it works on your side.

                                • Atsuhito Saito 12.22.2016

                                  Hi, Alex and DevExpress Support Team.

                                  I confirmed that the problem was fixed.
                                  Thank you for fixing the bug. 

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.22.2016


                                  Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.