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                                You should refresh the page.
                                  • This is consistent for me.  Maybe, by some miracle, you'll be able to reproduce.

                                    * In .cs file.  Code behind for xaml control.
                                    * have local variable with 3 references to it in one method.
                                    * With caret on that variable, choose refactor "promote to field"
                                    * Move the position indicator to top of listing near other private members.
                                    * Hit enter to accept position.
                                    * Immediately rename the new private member.
                                    * Hit tab to navigate back to the first of the other references to it.
                                    * Wait for a few seconds; can't remember if it happened here or after hitting enter once to take CR out of the "tab through references" mode.

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                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.15.2016

                                  Hi Brad,

                                  I could not replicate the issue.  All works fine on my side (see the attached screencast). Would you please provide us with additional information?
                                  It would be very useful if you provide us with the following.

                                  1. Clarify whether the issue is reproducible on other projects?
                                  2. Screencast showing the issue in action. You can prepare it using the free Jing tool.
                                  3. Problematic project or simple project on which the issue is reproducible.
                                  4. Provide us with the Visual studio Activity Log. You can obtain it by the following path:
                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.16.2016


                                  I analyzed the provided log, but didn't find any error that can be related to the issue. Would you please also send CodeRush logs from here:

                                • #Real Brad Wood 12.16.2016

                                  Cleared them out and did it again; should be only what you need.  Tried to turn on more logging but options search for "log" or "logging" showed nothing.

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.16.2016

                                  Brad, I analyzed the attached logs, but it seems the exception isn't recorded anywhere for some reason.
                                  So we need to debug this case and manually collect a callstack at the moment when Visual Studio crashes. Please perform the following steps:

                                  1. Run the first Visual Studio Instance. Open the problematic source code.
                                  2. Run the second instance of Visual Studio and attach it to the first one (for more information please learn the following article: Collecting a call stack to track down the cause of VS crash or freeze issues).
                                  3. Switch to the first instance and try to reproduce the issue.
                                  4. Then the second instance will recognize a crash, copy the exception details and send it to us.
                                  We look forward to hearing from you.
                                • #Real Brad Wood 12.16.2016


                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.19.2016

                                  Hi Brad,

                                  We have analyzed the callstack you provided, but didn't find any record about CodeRush or Devexpress. However, the top of this callstack contains references to the ArtifactMapper, which seems to be a part of the Modeling SDK for Visual Studio.
                                  We don't yet know how our product can affect the operation of this component, but we continue to work on this. I have installed the SDK, but the issue still isn't reproducible on my side.

                                  Perhaps, the cause of the issue is related to the specifics of your project or installed extensions. Would you please try to reproduce the issue on a simple project. I have attached a simple WPF Application, which I used to reproduce the issue. Try it on your side. If you can share your project with us, it also would be very useful.

                                  Also, please send us information about installed extensions. Refer to the HELP > About Microsoft Visual Studio menu item, click it, and in the opened dialog, click the "Copy info" button. Paste the copied information to your message or text file and send it to us.

                                • #Real Brad Wood 12.19.2016

                                  Ugh, where would I get DevExpress.Mvvm.v15.3 from?

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.19.2016

                                  The "DevExpress.Mvvm.v15.3" assembly is a part of the CodeRush Package. You can obtain it in the Installation folder of the CodeRush Extension (see the attached screencast). Would you please clarify whether your question is related to the initial issue?

                                • #Real Brad Wood 12.19.2016

                                  Was related to getting your sample building.  Can't reproduce in sample, of course.  Done all we can...

                                • Tor Langlo 12.19.2016

                                  Not sure if it's related, but I'm also crashing VS 2015 upon pressing <Tab> on an identifier. Not exactly the same scenario as above, but similar. Too me it feels like VS/CR is getting into a circular loop or stack overflow situation. 

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.20.2016

                                  Hello Tor,

                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf:
                                  Crashing VS 2015 upon pressing on an identifier

                                  It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • #Real Brad Wood 12.20.2016

                                  Stack dumps attached.

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.21.2016

                                  Hi Brad,

                                  Please try the following build:

                                  It contains the necessary changes that should fix the issue. Let us know how it works on your side.

                                • #Real Brad Wood 12.21.2016

                                  OK, that worked.  Still takes a very long time after hitting tab to move to the next reference.

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 12.21.2016


                                  We are happy to hear that the issue is fixed. As for the "Tab to Next Reference" performance issue, I have created a separate ticket on your behalf:
                                  "Tab to Next Reference" performance issue in XAML code-behind

                                  Let's continue our research in its context.

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