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                                  • Hello,

                                    I have two problems with CodeRush Roslyn and keyboard shortcuts in VS2015 and CodeRush Roslyn:
                                    First, I have to say, I am using German keyboard settings in VS 2015 and Windows 7.

                                    1. Keyboard shortcuts in CodeRush Roslyn:
                                    I've tested to add a new keyboard shortcut in CodeRush. When I press "Ctrl+#" on the german keyboard, it assigns it to "Ctrl+/".
                                    Maybe CodeRush Roslyn is using internally the English keyboard instead the German?

                                    2. Keyboard shortcuts in VS 2015 are overwritten and/or deleted when CodeRush Roslyn is activated and you restart VS2015.
                                    As an example: I set the "Project.SetAsStartUpProject" command to "Ctrl+Shift+#". After restart of VS2015 it is gone or overwritten to "Ctrl+Shift+7".
                                    If I deactivate CodeRush, all custom keyboard shortcuts are ok after restarts of VS.

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                                Hi Lars,

                                In order not to discuss several topics in one thread, I've created separate tickets on your behalf:
                                CodeRush Roslyn overwrites and/or deletes keyboard shortcuts in VS 2015
                                CodeRush for Roslyn incorrectly recognizes key combinations pressed on the keyboard with a non-english layout

                                Please refer to them for further correspondence.