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                                  • UPDATED on March 8th 2017:
                                    XPO uses Visual Studio's Modeling SDK as the basis for the UML editor, part of the persistent class visual designer. Since the Modelling SDK required for the XPO designer becomes available only after the official Visual Studio 2017 release,  we need a few days after this release to make required adjustments to our code and test them. These actions could not be made prior to the official IDE release, because the Beta/RC versions of the Modelling SDK were incompatible with the RTM and had issues.
                                    Since the "DevExpress v16.X ORM OData Service" project template has a dependency on the ORM Data Model Wizard, it is also unavailable for Visual Studio 2017 in v16.2.5.

                                    Even though the visual designer feature will not be available for those using XPO in the new IDE right away, persistent classes can still be modified and created in code, and existing projects will compile and run as expected.

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                                • Mark Holmes 03.10.2017
                                  I'd recommend completely uninstalling the prior version first before installing the hotfix as I received the following error using the Update feature:

                                  XPOWizard installer failed
                                  Cannot modify the Global Assembly Cache for DevExpress.XtraCharts.v16.2.Wizard.resources - -2147024891

                                  After uninstalling I received no errors.

                                • @Mark: This is unlikely related to the hotfix itself. We receive similar user reports from time to time. In most instances, these issues take place when the installer does not have sufficient rights to access/manage a folder or file or this operation is blocked by another process (e.g., antiviral software). Usually, rebooting the computer before installing an update helps in such sporadic cases.

                                • Chris_Dickerson 03.26.2017
                                  I lost XPO designer and templates under Visual Studio 2017. Uninstalled DevExpress controls, rebooted, installed DevExpressComponents- and I have access to XPO again.

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