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                                  • I'm not sure if I'm missing a step, I put the caret on the method name, CTRL+. and pick "Add Parameter", but then I have to manually mouse over and click the type to start editing. Pressing Enter after "Add Parameter" just breaks the method name.

                                • Igor K. (DevExpress) 11.17.2016

                                  Hi John,

                                  I couldn't reproduce this issue you've described.
                                  Here is a screencast illustrating how the "Add Parameter" refactoring works for me.
                                  Note that after selecting the "Add Parameter" refactoring, I can start typing the type name of a new parameter, or switch the edit box using "Tab", or hit the "Enter" key for confirmation of the current value.

                                  Can you record a similar screencast on your machine? For instance, you can capture it using the free Jing tool from TechSmith.

                                • Xorcist 11.17.2016

                                  It's definitely not working for me, on multiple machines, with the exact same settings.

                                  I've attached my exported settings, can you confirm they work for you?

                                  I'm thinking this may be a conflict somewhere, I use Tab to expand my templates (while Space is disabled).

                                • Xorcist 11.17.2016

                                  Okay I did a bit of debugging, and it appears that the culprit is:

                                  CodeRush>Options>Editor>C#>Programming Style>Use keywords for type references

                                  if that option is checked it inserts object and does auto-select it for editing. , however...

                                  if that option is unchecked, it inserts Object and does not auto-select it for editing.

                                  I'm assuming this is a bug, and needs to be fixed. Please confirm. Thank you.

                                  P.S. This might also affect VB.NET, but I didn't test it...

                                • Igor K. (DevExpress) 11.18.2016

                                  John, we are happy to hear that you have found the cause of the issue.
                                  Thank you very much for sharing it.
                                  I've managed to reproduce the issue and have passed it to our R&D team.
                                  Once we have any progress with this item, we will update this ticket accordingly and you will receive a notification from the Support Center.


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