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                                  • An unhandled NullReferenceException occurs in DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.dll when generating a project using the "Multi-Channel Application" template. Similar issue can be reproduced on projects without DevExtreme and research shows that errors occur because of changes in IVsProject.AddItem method implementation in VS 2017. We are working on submitting the issue to Microsoft. 

                                    Related call stack:
                                    DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.dll!DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.Project.DteProjectProjectItem.AddFileLink(string fileName) DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.dll!DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.Project.LinkProjectHandler.CreateLink(DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.Project.IProjectItem sourceItem, DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.Project.IProjectItem targetItem) DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.dll!DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.Project.LinkProjectHandler.CreateLinks(System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.Project.IProjectItem> sourceItems, DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.Project.IProjectItem targetItem) DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.dll!Microsoft.VisualStudio.Project.Automation.OAProject.DevExpress.DXTreme.Design.Common.ILinkUnlink.LinkTo(EnvDTE.Project targetProject, string pathInProject)

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