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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T432389: Simplify name, remove unneccessary cast and this qualifier for all occurrences in a document]
                                    It does not appear to work very well, using my CodeRush settings anyway.I don't see a refactoring invokable from the context menu that does this, but it seems to be available in the code-cleanup, "Remove reduntant type qualifier". However, consider the following program:

                                    using System; namespace ConsoleApplication38 { class Program { System.DateTime dateTime; void Test() { System.DateTime s = DateTime.Now; Console.WriteLine(s); } } }

                                    When I run CodeCleanup on this using the attached settings, the following is the result:

                                    using System; namespace ConsoleApplication38 { internal class Program { private System.DateTime dateTime; private void Test() { System.DateTime s = DateTime.Now; Console.WriteLine(s); } } }

                                    Note that the redundant "System" qualifier of the DateTime variables are still there.

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 11.14.2016

                                  Hi Peter,

                                  I managed to reproduce this issue.
                                  The "Remove Type Qualifier" code action is available in lightbulb menu, but it seems that it is not available in some scenarios.
                                  I have attached a screencast that illustrates this.
                                  We will fix this issue and notify you as soon as we have any results.

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