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                                  • Suppose you have C# file with a partial class

                                    public partial MyClass { ... }

                                    and a second C# file with the same partial class

                                    partial MyClass { ... }

                                    Please note, this second C# file doesn't repeat the visibility for the class.

                                    Now, when running Code Cleanup with "Apply visibility style" active and "use explicit modifiers" configured, Code Cleanup adds "internal" before "partial MyClass", which causes a compile error.

                                    I would expect that "public" modifier is added or that I can configure to skip modifiers for partial classes.

                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 11.02.2016


                                  Thank you for reporting this. I have reproduced this issue.
                                  I think that in this case, the "MyClass" class has public visibility, so a public keyword should be added.

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