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                                  • When choosing any of the Jump To commands via menu or shortcut, the input box (overlay) is positioned off-screen (seems to be somewhere in the lower right corner), meaning I don't see the input field at all. This happens only without any source window open. After opening a source or XAML file, the position is correct again. After closing all windows, the position is off-screen again.

                                    Refer to attached screenshot. Do you see the tooltip in the lower-right corner?

                                    This worked in v16.1.7. Broken since v16.1.8.

                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 11.03.2016


                                  I see the tooltip on the attached image. We have tried to reproduce this, but so far we have not seen this issue. It might be related to monitors layout and setup.
                                  Would you please specify your monitors setup? How much displays do you have, which scaling do you use, and how are these displays configured?

                                • Olaf Kober 11.03.2016


                                  I'm working on a Laptop with a single display, 3860x2160 resolution, 250% text scaling.

                                  I attached my settings. Is the position somewhere store? Does it help to reset some of the settings?

                                  Best regards,

                                • Eugene R (DevExpress) 11.04.2016

                                  Hi Olaf,

                                  Thank you for providing us with additional information.

                                  We do not store the window position in the settings. We calculate the optimal position each time based on several factors such as caret location, screen size and so on.
                                  Playing with different dpi modes, I was able to finally reproduce the problem.
                                  I've addressed it to our developers. You will be automatically notified once the corrections are ready.

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