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                                  • Hi,

                                    I like drop marker thingy when drilling down, but Esc collection needs more refinment.
                                    It happens that I create more drop marks and return either manually or using Ctrl - or whatever.
                                    Then later, when I press Esc trying to cancel something (for instance, Intellisense window) I get a jump to somewhere - kind of a shoch, especially because I already forgot why specific marker was dropped.

                                    Ways to improve marker collection:
                                      - maybe you could override Ctrl - as well. I am using this because of years of habit and that one is not going away any time soon
                                      - do not invoke marker collection if there are popups or selections active
                                      - maybe automatically cancel collection if user manually changes active window (not sure about this one, does not sound very well)
                                      - ability to cancel all the markers without collecting them


                                • Eugene R (DevExpress) 08.02.2016

                                  Hi Mario,

                                  Thank you for contacting us and providing your suggestions.
                                  I've passed them to our developers for further discussion.

                                  I think that the most annoying scenario when the Esc key collects markers but should not do this relates to the situation when any popup is active in the editor. I was able reproduce this scenario. Here is a link to a video illustrating the steps I used.
                                  We will prepare the correction and notify you when it is ready.

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                                • Mario Blatarić 11.07.2016


                                  There are still situations when Esc behaves annoyingly - for instance - when I try to cancel a hint popup (for instance hint that displays parameters for function, but also in other situations which display hint popup).


                                • Alex X (DevExpress) 11.07.2016

                                  Hi Mario,

                                  I have concerned to hear that you still experience issues with Visual Studio popups and the MarkerCollect command.
                                  I have tried to reproduce this behavior locally with the hint which displays parameters for functions but failed. Here is a screencast illustrating my steps in action:

                                  To help us reproduce this problem, provide us with your current  CodeRush and VisualStudio settings. Use the CodeRush | Support | Settings Folder... menu to navigate to the CodeRush settings location. To obtain Visual Studio settings, you may use the Tools | Import and Export Settings... dialog.

                                  It also will be helpful to look at this behavior in action. Please provide us with a sample video illustrating this problem. To capture a screencast, you can use a free Jing tool from TechSmith.

                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 12.08.2016

                                  Hello Mario,
                                  We have fixed a related issue and think that our fix can help in your case too. Would you please download this build:
                                  and let us know if the issue is resolved?