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                                  • Hi,
                                    Our application is a role based application, here users having different roles, like a site_admin, care coordinator, provider admin can login and access the dashboards. So how can you access the created dashboards in a role based manner. For example if a care coordinator logs in and create the dashboards, how it can be accessible only to him and not to a provider admin. or it can be only to him and the site_admin?

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                                Hi Veera,

                                You can manage dashboard availability on the Dashboards Storage level. To do thist, create your custom dashboard storage and  provide different sets of dashboards to users with different roles in the IDashboardStorage.GetAvailableDashboardsInfo() method.
                                I suggest you review the Web Dashboard Designer - Different storage for each ASPxDashboardDesigner topic where a similar issue is discussed. Also, I suggest you review review the source code of our default storages placed in the c:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress 16.1\Components\Sources\DevExpress.Dashboard\DevExpress.Dashboard.Web\Designer\Storages\ folder to better understand how these storages operate and how to create custom ones.
                                Let me know if you need any further clarification.

                                Would you please describe the required roles functionality in your application in greater detail? Do you wish to only provide different dashboards to different end-users?
                                We are asking this since we are constantly improving the Web Dashboard Designer and are interested in real-life scenarios rather than just a technical description of a task to clearly see all the potential user requirements for this product and provide an easy UI and clear API for them.