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                                  • When I use the Sort Namespace References on an unsorted list of using directives, I expect that the settings of Visual Studio get honored.
                                    See screen shot.

                                    Not setting the checkbox should sort all using directives alphabetically, regardless of the fact that they reference System.Foo or not.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 06.30.2016

                                  Hi Pierre,
                                  Let me take a moment and thank you for all the feedback you provided.
                                  CodeRush for Roslyn have their own setting for sorting System references - Options\Editor\Code Style\Namespace References, 'Place System references first':
                                  I agree that CodeRush for Roslyn should respect VS settings in this case and update a value for this option accordingly.

                                • Pierre Arnaud 06.30.2016

                                  Thank you Alex. I forgot to check in the CodeRush Options because of the _built in_ setting provided by Visual Studio.

                                  I see that I can specify which references to never remove.

                                  I've already posted another ticket ( where I complained that I did not want CodeRush to add references to System. Maybe this could be coupled with that. If System is not in this list, I don't want System to be added?

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 06.30.2016

                                  Hi Pierre,
                                  Thank you for the idea. We are planning to implement the requested functionality in terms of code styles, because not only Optmize/Sort Namespace references would be affected, but almost all functionality that adds namespace references to the code file.

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