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                                    This article describes the use of the XAF Mobile (beta) functionality available in v16.1.4+. To find more technical details on the XAF data service feature and its usage from various clients, be sure to check out the FAQ: New XAF HTML5/JavaScript mobile UI (beta) article.  You can find full instructions for configuring DataExplorer client app in the corresponding getting started guide.

                                    1. Launch DataExplorer on your iOS device and click the "Create App..."  link:

                                    2. Name your app and click the "Add Data Service..." link:

                                    3. Specify the URL of your previously deployed data service (e.g.,, optionally change its name and hide the keyboard via the button in the bottom right corner:

                                    4. Once the list of available data sources is successfully retrieved from the service metadata, click the "Done" link to finish configuring the data service:

                                    5. Click the "Done" link to finish the initial application setup and proceed to the next screen:

                                    6. Click the "plus" (+) link to add a new screen and map it to a required data set:

                                    7. Click the arrow (>) link to show a list of available entity sets and select the "Department" one for testing:

                                    8. Optionally perform additional UI customizations such as hiding unnecessary Oid columns and click the "Done" link:

                                    9. Specify user credentials in the invoked dialog and click the "Log In" link:

                                    10. See the resultant screen with secured data according to the specified user credentials:

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