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                                  • Debugging is very slow when CodeRush for Roslyn is activated whenever a variable containing a large string with many double-quotes or endlines is in the scope.  Visual Studio freezes for many minutes and cpu usage is high.

                                    It can be easily reproduced with this code in a console application:

                                    using System;
                                    using System.Text;
                                    namespace ConsoleApplication1
                                        class Program
                                            static void Main( string[] args )
                                                StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
                                                for ( int i = 0; i < 100000; i++ )
                                                    sb.Append( ""x"" );             // Slow
                                                    //sb.AppendLine( "x" );          // Slow
                                                    //sb.Append( "xxx" );              // Not slow

                                                string x = sb.ToString();
                                                Console.Out.Write( x.Length );

                                    Add a breakpoint to line string x =...
                                    Then step over the line.  x will contains the string but the it takes many minutes to reach the Console.out... line.
                                    Replacing the first sb.Append... line by the second gives the same result.  The third one is ok.

                                    CodeRush option to show the values of variables is not enabled.
                                    By disabling completely CodeRush, the problem disappears.


                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 06.02.2016


                                  Thank you for pointing out this issue to us and providing the code sample. I was able to reproduce the problem and passed it to our developers to research.

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                                • Serge Chouinard 06.03.2016

                                  Thank you for the quick response !

                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 06.06.2016


                                  You are welcome, we are here to help you at any time.