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                                • Vladimir L (DevExpress) 06.03.2016

                                  Hi Elias,

                                  I cannot define the issue with IIS Express from your request. In a common case, the following steps help narrow down the cause of the issue in similar situations:

                                  1. Shut down IIS Express. Right-click the IISExpress icon in your system tray and click Exit. Then start the project again.
                                  2. Change the project URL. Go to the project properties Web tab and change the Project URL from http://localhost:62695/  to http://localhost:62696/ for example (or use any other port). Click 'Create Virtual Directory'.
                                  3. Host the application on Local IIS (uncheck Use IIS Express) or select 'Use Visual Studio Development Server.'
                                  If these recommendation do not work, would you please provide a sample project to illustrate the issue? I'm waiting for your feedback.


                                • Elias Sparagis 06.03.2016

                                  Hello Vladimir and thank you for the support.

                                  I changed to local IIS and the service started.

                                  Now I cannot connect to the database.

                                  The connection string is the following
                                      <add name="SqlExpressConnectionString" connectionString="Integrated Security=SSPI;Data Source=.\SQL2014;Initial Catalog=SimpleProjectManagerXPO_v15.2;Pooling=false;"/>

                                • Vladimir L (DevExpress) 06.03.2016

                                  I am happy to hear of your progress.

                                  As for your question, change "SqlExpressConnectionString" to "ConnectionString". Or, change connection string initialization code in the constructor method in MobileApplication.cs.

                                  I hope this helps.


                                • Elias Sparagis 06.06.2016

                                  The problem was that I haven't configured Windows Authentication in IIS.

                                  Thank you for the support.

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