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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T384257: Implement IEquatable adds using System before //]
                                    Suppose that I have this file:

                                    // Copyright (C) 2016 ...
                                    // blabla

                                    namespace Foo
                                        public struct Any
                                            public Any (int x) { this.x = x; }
                                            private readonly int x;

                                    When using the Implement IEquatable refactoring, I see two issues:

                                    1. The `using System;` is added at the very beginning of my source, even before my // copyright comments
                                    2. I don't like to have `using System;` in my source code, so every time I use an auto-implementation of an interface, I get this added (either because some NotImplementedException are thrown, without fully qualifying the exception with `System.` namespace, or here because the interface is referenced directly as struct Any : IEquatable<Any>).

                                    (1) appears to be an error.
                                    (2) should be customizable.

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