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                                  • Hi, 

                                    in the route, i have try to pass in 2 address and it display out the route, but i would like to display also the distance (KM) and time ( minute or hour ) in the map, how to do that ? 


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                                dxMap does not provide the required API. Since the widget displays its content using an API of Bing and Google providers, you can use this API to accomplish this task. For example, Google offers Distance Matrix API for displaying information about distance and duration.
                                The dxMap.onReady event handler will help you get the map instance of the current provider (see the originalMap parameter) for further use with the provider API.

                                • CM Tee 05.25.2016
                                  just a suggestion, since your widget can provide the route, it is better to show the distance and duration with another parameter lliek 'showRouteDistanceDuration' true/false ? It is really give me a great feature instead of asking me to go and check the google api.

                                  anywhere, will try my luck to do it myself.
                                • Jenny (DevExpress Support) 05.25.2016

                                  I appreciate your idea and forwarded it to our R&D team. We will take it into account when planning our future work.