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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T356939: FAQ: New XAF HTML5/JavaScript mobile UI (CTP)]
                                    I am testing this application on my android mobile , I am facing an issue while connecting to my database :
                                    'listViewDataSource' data source error: Unspecified network error (if the remote host is located on another domain, make sure
                                    it properly supports cross-origin resource sharing ....or use JSONP approach instead)

                                    Note:I am connecting to a database located on Microsoft azure.
                                    Do you have a solution for this problem ?

                                • Vladimir L (DevExpress) 05.10.2016

                                  Hi Henry,

                                  Do you publish your data service project? In the XAF Mobile Preview, the data service URL is specified through the URL parameter's dataServiceUrl. In the following simulator URL:
                                  the XXX specifies the data service URL. Change the XXX, so that it points to the published data service.
                                  Hope this helps.


                                • HENRY HAGE 05.11.2016

                                  I tested my mobile application successfully using your simulator, but when I installed the application on my phone I faced the problem.
                                  thank you,

                                • Vladimir L (DevExpress) 05.12.2016

                                  The mobile phone makes requests to the data service through Internet. The data service should be published somewhere on the Internet before testing on the phone. Make sure you publish your project as described in the WCF Service Publishing article.
                                  Further, you should point the mobile application to the published data service before building the mobile application as described above.


                                • HENRY HAGE 05.12.2016

                                  Thank you for your answer,
                                  Now I published my WCF service, how to point the mobile app to the published data service ?
                                  thank you

                                • Vladimir L (DevExpress) 05.12.2016

                                  In the Simulator, look at the URL:
                                  Replace XXX, so that it points to the published data service. Then click Build Application For Mobile.


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