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                                  • I recently switched to CodeRush for Roslyn and I love it. But, I encountered problems with my VS2015 theme, which is a light-colored Visual Studio with dark-colored editor. A similar color theme is available via the Visual Studio Color Theme Editor extension.

                                    There are three place where such a color theme makes it hard to work with CodeRush for Roslyn:

                                    - Options Dialog, Code Templates Editor
                                    - References Window
                                    - Source Code View in Test Runner / Code Coverage

                                    AFAIK, the problem arises from the fact that those editors doesn't take over my dark editor background color.

                                • Olaf Kober 05.03.2016

                                  Here a screenshot of the problematic references window.

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 05.03.2016

                                  Hi Olaf,

                                  Thank you for providing screenshots. I have reproduced this issue with the incorrect background color in the CodeRush code view. We will research the issue and notify you as soon as we make any progress.

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