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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T346361: CodeRush for Roslyn Code CleanUp issue]
                                    How very cool you guys implemented my exact suggestion.  The improvements on 1.0.11 are very helpful.  On the new "line breaks" options I have a few concerns below.  Again my "Organize Members" options are setup to create a separate Region around each member type (ie. Fields, Properties, Methods...).

                                    Empty line count between groups = 1
                                    Remove existing line breaks = Checked
                                    Methods Region "Emply line count between members"=1
                                       Methods "Emply line count between members"=0

                                    -All but the first created region, in the class, start out with a line-break between the #region and the comment of the first encompassing member.  The preferred solution is no line-break anywhere, which is like #endregion.

                                    -Both my "Methods" rule and surrounding "Method Region" have the option "Empty line count between members".  Since a Region rule can only contain 1 rule I guess both options are talking about the same spacing?  However only the "Method Region" option has any effect on spacing.   In my humble opinion a Region rule should be allowed to have multiple child rules in which case having "Empty line count between members" at both levels make sense.  In this case the options make sense, but still need to be fixed to do the right thing.


                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 04.21.2016

                                  Hi Kevin,
                                  Thank you for writing. I am passing your input to our R&D for consideration.

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