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                                  • I'm new to testing and maybe it's uncommon to use multiple parameters in test methods:

                                    [Theory] [InlineData("1", "2", "3")] public void CodeRushTestRunnerTest3(string param1, string param2, string param3) { Assert.NotNull(null); } [Theory] [InlineData("1", "2", "3", "4")] public void CodeRushTestRunnerTest4(string param1, string param2, string param3, string param4) { Assert.NotNull(null); }

                                    For test methods with more than 3 parameters the methods names are not shown in the Test Runner. See Attachment. Only a single closing paranthesis is shown.

                                    Additionally when I build and/or run the test new tests/test methods are not shown in the list. I have to close/expand the tree at the class level. Then the new tests are shown.

                                    I'm using solution/projects initially created for RC1 with DNX 4.5.1/DNX Core 5.0 and then moved to RC2 nightly build.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 04.15.2016

                                  Hi Hannes,
                                  I have reproduced the issue and we are working on it. We will update this ticket as soon as we make any progress.

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