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                                  • Hi,
                                    When I use  Visual Studio Team Service to build XAF Project, I can't find how to set XAF reference module, so It can't build. Can we use Visual Studio Team Service to build/Deploy to Publish XAF project? because our team will use it to control our project development. please give me some suggestion, thanks.
                                • Hello Christopher ,

                                  >>set XAF reference module, so It can't build.

                                  Would you please clarify this part in greater detail + screenshots, because your current task and difficulties with it are not quite clear.

                                  As for your last question, an XAF solution is a regular Visual Studio solution with several Class Library projects and a couple of executable WinForms and ASP.NET apps. So, if you can use any other .NET project with this service, you can do this with XAF projects as well, because they are not different. That said, it is possible that the solution for the aforementioned task should be looked for in the documentation for Visual Studio Team Service or related public community resources.

                                • Hi Christopher,

                                  of course you can. But on Visual Studio Team Services you can't easily use the hosted build agent to build your solution.

                                  You have 3 options:
                                  1. use a custom agent, and install the required DevExpress version on the agents machine.
                                  2. Check-In the required DevExpress assemblies into source control.
                                  3. Build your custom nuget packages, and use the integrated nuget feed, or a private on (like for example myget). You can use my package builder tool, thats hosted on github.

                                  Every solution has it's benifits and weakneses. If you just getting started, i would recommend the first approach.

                                  Hope this helps.

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