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                                  • Hello!

                                    In the attached example, I need to expand automatically the cell with a subtype "other" if a user expands the cell with a type "Blade". How to achieve it? 

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                                Hello Ruslan,

                                Please use the PivotGridDataSourc.expandHeaderItem method to expand a cell programmatically. For example:

                                T257221: dxPivotGrid - How to expand several nodes at once

                                • Ruslan Evstafyev 03.09.2016

                                  Hello Marion,
                                  I have already viewed this ticket. It is not working as expected. Can you explain how to implement the following scenario?

                                  1. All rows are collapsed when the page is loaded initially2) User clicks on a row with the header "Blade"3) The master row and a child row with the header "other" is expanding simultaneously
                                • Gosha (DevExpress Support) 03.09.2016

                                  Hi Ruslan,

                                  You can handle the onCellClick event to catch the moment a user clicks the required header and then, via setTimeout, expand other headers.

                                  onCellClick: function (e) { if (e.area == 'row' && e.cell.text == 'Blade') { setTimeout(function () { $scope.dataSource.expandHeaderItem('row', ['Blade', 'other']); }, 300); } }