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                                  • Hello,

                                    I am trying to create master-detail view using TcxGrid, TAdsTable and TDataSource components.
                                    Please do suggest me the steps to create master detail view. Which are all the properties to be set?
                                    Provide with example which associates with TAdsTable and TDataSource components.

                                    I am attaching the ScreenShot of DataBase, and pas and dfm file.
                                    Please do reply at the earliest.

                                    Thank you.

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                                Since the TAdsTable table is a third-party component, I do not have it on my side. However, most of our data-aware components are DataSet agnostics. This means that you can use them with any TDataSet/TDataSource descendants that do not require specific features that are unavailable on our side. Our components rely on the basic DataSet functionality. So, I believe you can use the common Master-Detail approach with the TAdsTable component. The key is to use the <DetailPatternView>.DataController.MasterKeyFiledNames and <DetailPatternView>.DataController.DetailKeyFiledNames properties to implement the Master-Detail relationship. Attached is a small sample project demonstrating how to accomplish this task using the TdxMemData in-memory DataSet. I hope this example will help you implement the required layout. Please review the "Master-Detail" help topic and related topics for additional information.

                                P.S.: Note that the detail data should be sorted by the master key filed. Otherwise, detail views may be populated incorrectly.

                                • Vybhavashri K S 1 01.17.2016

                                  Thank you :)