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                                  • Hi,
                                    I have a dashboard with more parameters than can be displayed on the parameters dialog. The scrollbar does not show unless the user moves the mouse over the dialog, making it a little hard to see there are more parameters. 

                                    Is there any way to manipulate the size (height) of the parameters dialog?
                                    Or to make the scroll bar show without having to move the mouse over the dialog?

                                • Maxim (DevExpress Support) 01.06.2016
                                  Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we need a bit more time to finish working on our answer to your inquiry.  Thanks so much for your patience.

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                                Hello Gert,
                                Thank you for your patience. Though now, there is no straightforward way to show a scroll for this dialog window, it is possible to enable it for all items and dialog windows by using our internal option - USE_NATIVE_SCROLLING. You can enable it in the following way:
                                <head runat="server"> <script type="text/javascript"> function loadPage() { window.DevExpress.dashboard.USE_NATIVE_SCROLLING = true; } </script> </head> <body onload="loadPage()">
                                I hope you will find this useful. I see also that the dialog window's layout is messed up a little bit on your screenshot. Do you have any issues with it? If so, feel free to create a new thread. We would be glad to help you.
                                • Maxim (DevExpress Support) 01.13.2016
                                  Please request a hotfix using this thread and update the source code as well.