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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T316376: Sometimes templates miss closing bracket]
                                    I found that I had "Always expand IntelliSense" option turned on. Still when I type "c," intellisense expands it when I type comma.
                                    Also template "c" expands to:
                                    public class MyClass {
                                    ublic MyClass() {
                                    Not only it miss closed bracket but also has typo in "public" and misses indentation

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 11.25.2015

                                   Hi Roman,
                                  It seems like something is wrong with your template settings.
                                  Please refer to the "Editor\Code Templates\Templates" option page and click the "Default" button to restore default settings.
                                  If it does not help, provide us with your CodeRush settings (they can be obtained here: "%AppData%\CodeRush\Settings").

                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 01.11.2016


                                  We were able to reproduce this issue locally and fixed it. The fix will be available in the next product update.

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                                We have fixed this problem and will include it in an upcoming release. The final release date has not been set, but once it is published we will send you an automatic notification.