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                                  • Hello,

                                    In my view I have columns with Float fields. In runtime, I set PropertiesClass propertie to 'TcxCurrencyEditProperties'.
                                    I set DisplayFormat, EditFormat and DecimalPlaces properties.

                                    I save my View with StoreToStream and I close the application.
                                    When I resart, I use RestoreToStream. The rest of the grid is restored, but not DisplayFormat, EditFormat and DecimalPlaces.

                                    Do you have an explanation ?

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                                Hello Carole,

                                This behavior is described in the "TcxCustomGridView.StoreToStream" help topic:
                                "... include only those settings that can be adjusted by end-users: the position, size, and visibility within a View, sort order, etc. "

                                In other words, if you customize some additional settings in code, you need to store their values manually. You can use the following column events to store custom properties:


                                Please review the corresponding help topics for additional information.

                                • Carole ROUSSE 10.20.2015

                                  OK, it works.
                                  Thank you paulo !