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                                  • Hello,

                                    In my view I have columns with Float fields. In runtime, I set PropertiesClass propertie to 'TcxCurrencyEditProperties'.
                                    I set DisplayFormat, EditFormat and DecimalPlaces properties.

                                    I save my View with StoreToStream and I close the application.
                                    When I resart, I use RestoreToStream. The rest of the grid is restored, but not DisplayFormat, EditFormat and DecimalPlaces.

                                    Do you have an explanation ?

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                                Hello Carole,

                                This behavior is described in the "TcxCustomGridView.StoreToStream" help topic:
                                "... include only those settings that can be adjusted by end-users: the position, size, and visibility within a View, sort order, etc."

                                In other words, if you customize some additional settings in code, you need to store their values manually. You can use the following column events to store custom properties:


                                Please review the corresponding help topics for additional information.

                                • Carole ROUSSE 10.20.2015

                                  OK, it works.
                                  Thank you paulo !