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                                A report link (TdxRichEditControlReportLink) for the ExpressRichEdit Control has been implemented. Unlike other report links, the new one provides fewer customization capabilities since most document-related settings are obtained from the Rich Edit control and the document that is currently open in it for printing. As a result, the following properties and property sets are hidden at design time and have no effect at runtime for the report link:

                                 - AssignedFormatValues;
                                 - DateFormat;
                                 - DesignerCaption;
                                 - DesignerHelpContext;
                                 - PageNumberFormat;
                                 - PrinterPage;
                                 - ReportFootnotes;
                                 - ReportTitle;
                                 - ShowDesigner;
                                 - ShowPageFooter;
                                 - ShowPageHeader;
                                 - ShowPageRowHeader;
                                 - StartPageIndex;
                                 - TimeFormat.