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                                • Willem de Vries 09.21.2015

                                  Thanks Dennis! Works like a charm!!!
                                  How about creating a user interface to enable users to create their own ConditionalFormattingRules (without them knowing about the technicalities, of course)? That would be another huge improvement IMO!

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 09.21.2015

                                  Thanks for your feedback, Willem.
                                  >>How about creating a user interface to enable users to create their own ConditionalFormattingRules
                                  What about the existing "Manage Rules..." command as well as other items under the Conditional Formatting menu group shown in the screenshot above?

                                • Willem de Vries 09.21.2015

                                  My suggested solution should work on the object level to create a consistent way of presenting information in any view, listviews as well as detailviews. With your solution users have to recreate the rules for all of their relevant listviews.
                                  I immediately agree that your solution has a lot of beauty of its own, enabling users to create list-specific rules to format their information. And I know that - being a power user of my applications myself - i will strongly promote the use of this new function to my co-workers.
                                  My suggested solution enables users to create their own - sometimes unique - formatting options e.g. to signal important situations for them, no matter where they happen to be in the application.

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 09.21.2015

                                  Thanks for your clarification, Willem. It seems that you are referring to something that was shown in my blog post: Making XAF Conditional Appearance more user-friendly. If so, our team is already aware of this suggestion and keeps it in mind. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

                                • Willem de Vries 09.21.2015

                                  Yes Dennis, that's what i meant.
                                  BTW in Q381881 you referred to that post, but the link is invalid nowadays.

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 09.21.2015

                                  Thanks for your confirmation.
                                  I've updated the broken link accordingly.

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 09.23.2015

                                  I have slightly updated the original code. Take special note that starting with v15.1.7+ the loop below will not be necessary:

                                  foreach(XafGridColumnWrapper item in gridListEditor.Columns) {  
                                                  item.Column.Name = item.Id;  
                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 09.23.2015

                                  Perfect Guys! BTW: Has the treelist editor the same restirction? does it also need the

                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 09.23.2015

                                  Hi Dennis - i just testet the demo - works perfect - but some rules are not restored? For example if i create an FormatConditionRuleDataBar (via Manage Rules) - and Close / reopen the view - this rule is not applied? If i go to the manage rules form - i see the rule is restored - and if i click OK - the rule is applied, but not so after opening the view?

                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 09.23.2015

                                  I mean an 2 Color Scale - databar seems to work

                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 09.23.2015

                                  Does not work for the treelist either. i changed GridFormatRuleCollection  to IFormatRuleCollection - and did the same save/restore für the treelist rules. simple rules work - but not so databars / Icon sets and so on. The rules are stored - but somehow not applied?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 09.24.2015

                                  Hello Noxe,
                                  Thank you for taking the time to test this solution and sharing your thoughts with us!
                                  >>Has the treelist editor the same restirction? does it also need the
                                  This thread is devoted to XtraGrid and GridListEditor and I have not yet researched implementing the same feature for TreeListEditor and XtraTreeList and this requires additional research and time. I will update the community once this R&D is done, though I cannot promise a fast reply.

                                  >> mean an 2 Color Scale - databar seems to work
                                  I am going to research whether this ever worked in the original What is the best way to save and restore information just about Conditional Formatting rules in GridControl without using the RestoreLayoutFromXXX and SaveLayoutToXXX methods? sample in the first place. Then I will check out the XAF integration. I will update this thread once I have any news. Thanks.

                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 10.02.2015

                                  Hi Dennis,
                                  could you or the XtraGrid replicate the Problem?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 10.02.2015

                                  Hi Noxe,

                                  For now, I managed to get this working with TreeListEditor - see the attachment (I am going to further polish it and publish in my blog and here for everyone). Currently, I could not replicate the behavior you described above using v15.1.6 and 15.1.7: the description is a bit vague and I am probably using different steps. To be able to research this further, please submit a separate ticket and provide a step-by-step instructions or video using the code I posted above and our MainDemo.Win app. Thanks.

                                • Michael Calvert 10.14.2015

                                  Hi Dennis,
                                  I am setting this menu option by default and it is not taking effect.  I do not see the additional menu, could I be doing something wrong here?  This is in the latest version of 15.1.7

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 10.15.2015

                                  @Michael: I cannot replicate this behavior locally with v15.1.7 and the Controller code I posted above. Would you please submit a separate ticket and attach your problematic sample for review?

                                • bbirbo 04.08.2016

                                  Denis, conditional formatting is really a cool feature that you should include out of the box on the next XAF release.

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 04.08.2016

                                  @bbirbo: I am happy to hear that you liked it. Our team will take your suggestion into account.

                                • Mohamed Al Zayani 01.15.2017

                                  any update to support the pivotgrid

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 01.15.2017

                                  @Mohamed Al Zayani:
                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T472136: Native conditional formatting rules for pivot grid). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

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