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                                  • Hi,

                                    I installed the latest version of the Report Server (15.1.6) and am trying to build a data view for my connection to a Sybase Anywhere server. The application that the data is managed in does not give me SYSUSERPERM access and I can NOT get it.

                                    Is there any work around to enable creating a report on the report server OTHER then this access?

                                    I can query the data tables that I need from the regular Sybase console and can create reports in Crystal or SQL Reporting Services with no issues. I know the exact query I want to build so is there an alternative to producing the report?

                                    I did review this ticket:

                                    I have verified the drivers are all working properly and I can access the database so there is no issue there.

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                                Hi Mark,

                                To properly fetch information about available data tables, the SYS.SYSUSERPERM permission is required. As a result, the Report Server user, which performs connection to the Sybase server, should have the "SELECT ANY TABLE" system privilege.
                                There is no other way to make this work except for granting this privilege to the user.