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                                  • How to set maxlength of grid column when this column is text field.

                                • Nikolai (DevExpress Support) 08.03.2015


                                  There is no such an option. Would you please describe your scenario in greater detail? Why do yo need to set the max column width?

                                • HK City 08.03.2015

                                  I want to set max length for input charactor just like input  so that user can only input 20 char in special column.

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                                Thank you for your clarification. To resolve the issue, execute the following code in the dxDataGrid.onEditorPreparing event handler:

                                onEditorPreparing: function(e) { if (e.parentType == 'dataRow' && e.dataField == 'YourColumnName') { e.editorOptions.maxLength = 20; } }
                                • MaxCodeNoob 10.21.2019


                                  How it works if input datatype is a number.
                                  <dxi-column dataField="age" dataType="number"></dxi-column>

                                • Nikolai (DevExpress Support) 10.22.2019


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T825570: DataGrid - How to set max length of a column). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.