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                                  • While typing a comment I used the word 'for' and space which seemed to then expand the for template into my comment.

                                    I can't reproduce this with any of the other templates.

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 06.23.2015

                                  Hi Cameron,

                                  Thank you for your report and your interest in our product. I have reproduced the issue with the "for" template on my side and passed this thread to our developers. As soon as they find an appropriate solution, you will be automatically notified.

                                • Cameron MacFarland 06.23.2015

                                  I updated the trigger Context to exclude comments like so, which fixed the problem for me.
                                  (([InCodeBlock] || [InRazorCodeBlock]) && [AtEndOfLine]) && !([InPreprocessorDirective] || [InString] || [InComment])

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 06.23.2015

                                  Thank you for your note, Cameron.
                                  Our developers will take this into account.

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                                We have fixed this problem and will include it in an upcoming release. The final release date has not been set, but once it is published we will send you an automatic notification.