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                                  • Hi,

                                    In version from 2015 year new Xamarin Grid becomes available.

                                    What is the next steps in development of Xamarin controls?
                                    Could you please share some kind of road map for Xamarin controls?


                                • Sean Hannan 08.19.2015

                                  I know that the only form currently being worked on for Xamarin is the Grids component.  We are about to rewrite one of our flagship applications based on Xamarin and are wondering if there is any official stand on the compatibility of existing DevExpress components with Xamarin.
                                  Obviously where possible we would like to leverage our existing Universal Subscription for Xamarin components however if there are no dates available on Xamarin specific components/editors etc and existing DX components are not compatible we will need to look at moving away from DevExpress to other libraries that cater better for Xamarin.
                                  Any comment on existing DX components and Xamarin would be appreciated

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 08.19.2015

                                  Hi Sean,

                                  Currently, we have only the GridControl for Xamarin.Forms. We tried to make its API like the API of our WPF GridControl where this was possible, but of course, we couldn't create them exactly the same.

                                  As for other controls for Xamarin.Forms, we are discussing their implementation, however I cannot provide you with any exact information about this right now.


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                                Hello Alexander,

                                We have plans to implement new components for Xamarin Forms. For example, we are going to implement our Editors set. However, currently I cannot provide you with more exact information about this. As soon as new information becomes available, we will post it on our web site.


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                                • Homero Batista Kzam 07.03.2015

                                  Any news?

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 07.06.2015

                                  Hi Homero,
                                   Currently, we are working only on some features for GridControl. As soon as we have news, we will publish them on our website.


                                • Homero Batista Kzam 08.11.2015

                                  You would have anything new?

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 08.12.2015

                                  Hi Homero,

                                  Yes, we've included several new approaches for data editing, you can review it in the latest version of our components. In the future, you can review our new features on the page of our component in the Xamarin Components Store: DevExpress Grid.


                                • jerome crevecoeur 11.18.2015

                                  Do you have any  Charts  soon (v15.2)?

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 11.18.2015


                                  Currently, we don't have plans to implement a Charts component for Xamarin.Forms in the near future. If this is changed, we will inform you about this on our website.


                                • Leonidas Zoumis - CGSOFT 12.04.2015

                                  i believe that every .net developer when it comes to develop a mobile app first choice is xamarin. Especially devs like us who use devexpress controls every day expect to use the same on native mobile apps. For us to late , currently developing 3 mobile apps on xamarin using syncfusion controls. Why such thing should have happened, when devexpress is the largest players in market?

                                • Anthony MAUGENDRE 12.06.2015

                                  I Totally agree with you @Leonidas Zoumis

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 12.07.2015

                                  Hi Antony and Leonard,

                                  Thank you for your kind words.
                                  Currently, we are considering ways to further develop our Xamarin.Forms. Would you please clarify which components you require? Which ones do you often use in your applications and which new functionality in our current GridControl do you wish to see in next versions?


                                • Leonidas Zoumis - CGSOFT 12.07.2015

                                  Hi Alex,
                                  The Grid control is a great start, in addition chart controls,gauges, custom listviews, custom editors(autocomplete,calendar). Visit your competitors and will get an idea.

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 12.07.2015


                                  Thank you for this information. We will take it into account in our considering.


                                • jerome crevecoeur 04.01.2016


                                  Xamarin Free...

                                  I hope you are moving on this technology...

                                  You are very  late in front of your competitors (Editors , PivotGrid and  Chartings  )

                                  I like Devexpress and i don't want use another components but you force me to do that soon.

                                • Homero Batista Kzam 04.01.2016

                                  Me too, Jerome. I'm also waiting for that!

                                • PeerlessProgrammer 04.07.2016

                                  I agree. I really like DevExpress but the lack of direction, traction and commitment for Xamarin is making me start to look at the competitors for these controls and components.

                                  I understand that you chose to go with PhoneGap support instead but I would think after Microsoft purchased Xamarin this would be a good incentive to put more resources in the Xamarin product line. What's the latest roadmap for Xamarin components from DevExpress?

                                • José Enrique 04.25.2016

                                  Everybody is moving towards Xamarin, I hope DevExpress realize that the market demands real native components and frameworks.

                                • Franco Bonacchi 04.25.2016

                                  +1 Xamarin Controls and integration with XAF

                                • Uros Rovtar 04.27.2016

                                  +1 Xamarin integration with XAF ...

                                • Norbert K. 04.27.2016

                                  +1 Xamarin integration with XAF !!!

                                • DMC 04.28.2016

                                  +1 Xamarin controls and integration with XAF 

                                • Iván P. 05.10.2016

                                  I liked so much to hear about XAF in HTML5/JS (Phonegap), but I also think Xamarin will be the near future. +1 for Xamarín controls and XAF offline mobile... It won't be easy, but I'm sure you will do your best! (as always) ;)

                                • Mario Blatarić 05.24.2016

                                  Another +1 for XAF and Xamarin integration in the future, especially now when MS purchased Xamarin and published it as standard Visual Studio feature. I still find HTML5/JS horrible for serious business solutions (remark - I do not want to generalize anything, this is for my specific solution where HTML5/JS requires way to much work to make it usable) and would LOVE to replace those with native controls and C#.

                                • Jairo Marques 07.07.2016

                                  +1 for XAF and Xamarin. I love DevExpress but unfortunately I'm moving to Essential Studio for Xamarin from Syncfusion due to lack of components for Xamarin in DevExpress

                                • Gopal Bagdi @ RnR 07.29.2016

                                  We are also looking for Devexpress controls for Xamarin same as Kendo providing. Please tell us your rodamap so that we can plan accordingly to stay with devexpress or go with Kendo.

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 08.01.2016

                                  Hi Gopal,

                                  Would you please clarify what you need: Xamarin.Forms or HTML/JavaScript components? Kendo is an HTML/JavaScript framework, not Xamarin.Forms. If you need HTML/JavaScript components, we have the DevExtreme components set. Please review it. I am looking forward to your response.


                                • Gopal Bagdi @ RnR 08.01.2016

                                  sorry for inconvenience, i mean telerik instead of kedo. please check url:

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 08.02.2016

                                  Hi Gopal,

                                  Currently we only have the GridControl for Xamarin.Forms and all other components are still under consideration. If we release new components, we will surely announce this on our web site.


                                • CJ... 08.03.2016

                                  Do you at least have a transparent roadmap for Xamarin support?

                                  Look like we are not the only people curious on your roadmap. We have been using your controls and we find it difficult to find a similar chart control for our Xamarin project. We want to have similar charts in both apps. If there is a transparent roadmap, we may wait until you release your xamarin chart control. Other wise we may have to find another control library support both wpf and xamarin.

                                • Tom Mcd 10.29.2016

                                  +1 for additional Xamarin controls

                                • Homero Batista Kzam 11.25.2016

                                  Any news about the roadmap?


                                • TimeSlice 12.15.2016

                                  New controls for xamarin are the way forward and some commitment from dev express would be much appreciated.  Now that Microsoft has committed to Xamarin this seems like the cross platform development most of us are likely to choose.  I originally considered devextreme for our mobile project, but the performance and native capabilities of the xamarin platform and no need to delve into the arcane world of JavaScript, html5, and CSS along with microsofts acquisition of Xamarin have convinced me this is the better choice for me.  Devex has a xam grid, but some of the fundamental controls like simple data editors would be a great start.  Stuff like numeric text editor, up down editor, date editor with all the usual cool validation features that devex does so well.  After that som basic charting.  While devextreme is very cool and does what it promises, xamarin lets us stay in the .net world on all devices rather than working inside a webview.  More performant, leverage your existing c# skills and work directly with the android, iOS, uwp platform when needed.  Taking the long view, that's where I'm liking going to focus my efforts as it seems to be what Microsoft is focusing on.

                                  Given the above, and I'm sure devex has done some analysis of this trend, can we get some commitment from devexpress on their direction, roadmap, schedule, on if and when we may see them fully engage on xamarin controls (or not) so that we devex devotees can decide on our direction with respect to control vendor?

                                  Clearly there are two competitors out there that already have a significant array of controls for xamarin, but staying in the devexpress world would be my preference by far.  Great company, great product, great support.  Unfortunately the silence on Xamarin going forward is disconcerting...

                                  Devex?  Can you give us some clarity please?

                                • Pravin Taneja 12.15.2016

                                  As Scott Harding has rightly summarized we have decided to use Xamarin exclusively for all of our mobile developments and we want to continue using component sets from you. I had high hopes that 16.2 will include a full set of Xamarin controls, you are already behind your competitors in this space, I hope at least now you commit to offering something in 17.1 release. If your Xamarin components come in 17.2 or beyond then I believe we would have gone ahead with another vendor with some serious development that would make it difficult to return to you for Xamarin.

                                • Stefano Gaglianone 12.16.2016

                                  I fully agree with the last two analyzes made.
                                  It would be very important on your part to give us feedback on Xamarin to decide how to proceed. 

                                • Anurag Mahato 12.19.2016

                                  Any Update News ?

                                • FrankBGN 02.08.2017

                                  I totally agree on Scotts opionion regarding xamarin/devextreme. It would be really nice to have the devexpress controls to use with xamarin. I would even accept to pay a additional fee on top of the universal subcription

                                • Denis Sikic 02.08.2017

                                  I agree with Frank. 

                                • Konstantin Balashov 02.08.2017

                                  +1 for additional Xamarin controls 

                                • TimeSlice 02.08.2017

                                  Clearly there is increasing desire to see some clear direction from DevExpress on the plan (or not) regarding additional support for Xamarin.

                                  I have had one discussion via email with Ray Navasarkian who encourage me to specify the controls we would like to see.

                                  I suggest that those of us that would like to see DevExpress aggressively pursue Xamarin support provide DevExpress with a list of things they would like to see in the Xamarin area.  I'm not sure what the best avenue for this is, but I suppose this thread as well as direct email to Ray at  might be constructive.

                                  In my case, I'd like to see support for editors, specifically a dropdown / combo type of editor, popup / alert, slideout drawers, followed by some charting support.  These are controls that are probably not difficult to create and are severely lacking in the base Xamarin suite. 

                                • Konstantin Balashov 02.08.2017

                                  +1 for Kanban view for Xamarin grid.

                                • Martin Kammann 02.08.2017

                                  I also agree with what is being said here.
                                  Personally I would like to see editors implemented, as well as in place editing in grids without annoying accept/cancel buttons and such.
                                  Also , a pivot grid would be great as well as Dashboards.

                                  But most importantly we need to know if DevExpress is going to keep developing it or not.

                                  Happy to pay extra on top of universal subscription.

                                • Mario Blatarić 02.08.2017


                                  It is not so much about which controls (well, obviously it is, but even basic package like grid, editors and menus would be good start), but it is more about having C# on the client side.

                                  To quote Uros from another ticket:
                                  "... local actions, background processing, async/await, linq, data signing with certificate, communication with POS printers , Bluetooth devices and overall access to all the native features... "

                                  Problem is, writing business data-centric applications is still a nightmare using HTML5/JS. It is doable, but it feels more like climbing mountains barefoot. Simply, it is technology never intended nor designed for this specific purpose - which unfortunately - is my entire working life.

                                  As for controls itself, I would be quite happy with grid, editors, menus. Reporting is fine in current HTML5 if there would be a way to used it. Everything else could wait.


                                • Venkateswarlu Kommi 12.07.2017

                                  We use devexpress quite a lot for Windows development. Our next plan in 2018 is mobile development. Xamarin is only way forward for mobile development. Syncfusion and telerik already have xamarin support.

                                  we want to which year devexpress is plan to support xamarin for main controls at least.

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 12.11.2017


                                  Thanks for your message. We’ve just sent out emails to all registered users about upcoming webinars to discuss our 2018 roadmap for all major platforms we support (including mobile). Please feel free to register for our Mobile webinar once you receive that email and join us next Tuesday to discuss your specific needs in 2018: Mobile and .NET Core - 2018 Roadmap Discussion.


                                • Gopal Bagdi @ RnR 12.11.2017

                                  I registered there but my time zone is India, and its not possible for me to join at 1230 AM, do you have any alternative for this.

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 12.13.2017


                                  I'm afraid we have only this time for the webinar.


                                • Gopal Bagdi @ RnR 12.13.2017

                                  OK... will you provide video copy of same...

                                • Alex Bli (DevExpress Support) 12.13.2017


                                  We will be conducting a post-webinar survey wherein recordings of the presentation along with feature descriptions will be made available for your review and consideration.