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                                  • Hello,

                                    When on the preview screen see attached file.  Is there a way to setup the e-mail system to be used when you want to send a e-mail?
                                    When you get to the dialog to send the e-mail , is there a way to provide it the SMTP settings to use?  and use such mail systems as gmail or yahoo, etc.

                                    many of my customers use gmail


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                                Please see the attached project for an example of overriding the Send Pdf command to email a Pdf via GMAIL.

                                Hi John,

                                By default, our Reporting tools use the MAPI library to invoke the default email client installed on a client machine.
                                If you wish to override this routine, you can override the corresponding PrintingSystemCommand and perform the required actions. Take a look at the following help topic that describes this approach:
                                How to: Execute and Modify Commands in a Print Preview

                                • John Massaro 10.21.2014

                                  Is there any example of using gmail that you can refer me to?  I didn't see where in the link you provided any example of overriding the MAPI , email client

                                • Ingvar (DevExpress Support) 10.21.2014

                                  Hi John,

                                  I apologize for not being clear in my previous post. You need to completely override the Send~ command. In the CommandHandler's HandleCommand method, export a document to the required format (ExportToPdf, for example), and then implement sending the exported file via Gmail. Here is the sample code for sending a message via Gmail:
                                  Sending email in .NET through Gmail

                                  In other words, you need to implement your own sending mechanism in this scenario.

                                • John Massaro 10.22.2014

                                  I have a email solution through gmail,  but if was possible  it would be better to integrate into the existing menu structure on the preview screen (the way it does now).  The problem is that it's not  the customer's email system, so it confuses them.
                                  Since I know the SMTP values,  I was hoping there was a way to override the MAPI integration and use the generic one,
                                  because we already have the seperate one working.

                                • Ingvar (DevExpress Support) 10.22.2014

                                  Hi John,

                                  I do not entirely understand what you mean by "integrate into the existing menu structure". If you override the required Send~ command, your Command Handler will be executed when you click the corresponding button in the Toolbar/Ribbon. In other words, the same "Send Email" buttons will behave as you require in this case if you implement the CommandHandler.