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                                  • Hi.

                                    Short story.
                                    We just bought the DXperience Subscription and I get the error message "Cannot resolve unit name 'cxStyles'". Does it mean I need to buy the VCL controls?

                                    Long Story.
                                    A couple years ago we changed our ERP system with a new one made by a former programmer which was aware of our specific needs. It worked well until he decides to stop it's operations. We bought the code, the applications and components and and now we need to recompile the application in order to go forward with it. I must admit it's been a while since I got in programming but since we only wants to modify minors things in the interface, we are confident to succeed.

                                    If it's the VCL Controls, with this list can you tell me wich version we need?


                                      Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,
                                      Dialogs, DataConnection, DataLibrary, DataSystem,DataClient, GenericRecord, StdCtrls,
                                      DBCtrls, Mask, DB, DBAccess, MSAccess, ActnMan, ActnColorMaps, ImgList, XPMan,
                                      ActnList, Menus, fs_synmemo, Grids, DBGrids, ComCtrls,
                                      dxGDIPlusClasses, ExtCtrls, Buttons, dxDBGrid,dxGlobal, MemDS,
                                      cxStyles, cxCustomData, cxGraphics, cxFilter, cxData, cxDataStorage, cxEdit,
                                      cxDBData, cxGridCustomTableView, cxGridTableView, cxGridDBTableView,
                                      cxCheckBox, cxDBEdit, cxMemo, cxLookupEdit, cxDBLookupEdit,
                                      cxDBLookupComboBox, cxDropDownEdit, cxCalendar, cxTextEdit, cxContainer,
                                      cxMaskEdit, cxGridLevel, cxClasses, cxControls, cxGridCustomView, cxGrid,
                                      cxGroupBox, cxPC, cxLookAndFeelPainters, VirtualTable, cxEditRepositoryItems,
                                      cxTreeView, cxLabel, cxSplitter,
                                      CategoryButtons, cxLookAndFeels, cxNavigator, cxDBNavigator, cxButtons,
                                      cxImage, dxBar, dxSkinsCore, dxSkinOffice2007Black, dxSkinOffice2007Blue,
                                      dxSkinOffice2007Green, dxSkinOffice2007Silver, dxSkinscxPCPainter, cxTL,
                                      cxTLdxBarBuiltInMenu, dxSkinsdxBarPainter, cxInplaceContainer,
                                      dxSkinLondonLiquidSky, cxPCdxBarPopupMenu,  dxSkinMcSkin, dxSkinBlueprint,
                                      dxSkinCaramel, dxSkinCoffee, dxSkinDevExpressStyle, dxSkinOffice2007Pink,
                                      dxSkinOffice2010Black, dxSkinOffice2010Blue, dxSkinOffice2010Silver,
                                      dxSkinSeven, dxSkinValentine, dxSkinVS2010, dxSkinWhiteprint,
                                      dxSkinXmas2008Blue, dxCore, dxDockControl, cxDateUtils, AppEvnts;

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                                Hello Marcel,

                                The cxStyles unit as well as many of the units mentioned in the uses clause you provided definitely belong to our VCL products. Although it is impossible to precisely identify the version based on this information, I can try to do it approximately. I see old (dxDBGrid) and new (cxGrid) ExpressQuantumGrid units there, so the version is rather old. I guess it is Build 59 or even older. In addition, I see Express Editors, TreeList, Skins, ExpressBars, and Docking units there. So, since we are now selling our products as Subscription Packs, I think that the only suitable pack is the full VCL subscription because it is the only pack that contains dxBars and cxGrid (see the pricing matrix at

                                • Marcel Dubé 08.04.2014

                                  Tanks' a lot Paulo.

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